Monday, August 31, 2009

happy belated birthday fuz, late nights, and online shopping

Oh gosh, I wanted to post here at least once a day but I skipped Monday and technically Tuesday because it is past midnight but junior year has just taken its toll on me. But first lets start on a positive note.
Happy Belated Birthday Fuz (:
For those of you who read this (cough my two followers who aren't fuzkittie, her blog is here)
So back to my monotonous life as a high school junior taking 4 AP classes. Of course my friends make it all that much better but still. It seems like everyday is the same and I si
mply trudge through the halls and sit in class to take notes, then after school, everyday I have a different activity, Monday is Spirit Committee, Tuesday is piano lessons, Wednesday is Key Club, Thursday is Registry Rep meetings, and Friday is bike club. Then of course after all that I get home super drained and dive into piles of homework. On a typical night I'll have to go though endless AP Calculus problems, even more AP Physics-C problems, and outline a chapter for APUSH. The homework in my other classes vary a bit, like tonight I had to prepare a presentation for Italian and some analytical questions for AP English which is much better than last night when I spent 4hrs on a thought piece for English. Then of course there is my Art class, my first assignment is due this Friday and gosh I am worried, I also have several tests coming up. How fun eh? ): Anyways, these piles of homework often lead to late nights/early mornings which is why I'm blogging now at 3am.

On a positive note, I've been shopping on blogs a lot so expect to see some pics when I recieve everything, I don't want to tell you just yet what I'm buying because I don't want to ruin the surprise (: Haha also I've recently gotten close with one of my friends and he is insanely smart so he's been really encouraging me to work through my procrasination and such, he also sent me
this song which I thought was pretty catchy haha.

I took some outfits of the day pics but I don't want to post them because they are just sweats haha. I've been quite lazy with the whole sleeping 2-3hrs a night thing but I plan on dressing a little nicer tomorrow (or rather today) so I'll include an outfit of the day with my post from now on. Now I leave you with some pictures I've taken since the start of school (:

Freshmen Orientation at my school a week before it started. I'm not sure why I went. haha

I went shopping downtown with Stanley and Amy afterwards though so that was fun (:

We look so glowy haha.

I also went to see The Time Traveler's Wife with my bestie Wendy (: I cried haha!

My brother and I on the first day of school, he's a freshman at a different high school than me. (Galileo Academy)

They had us sit in the bleachers for some assembly thing for the first time this year, it was a fail.

The first day of school was Jason and Ellen's Sweet 16s so Happy Belated guys (:

Chris and Sol sitting in English.

We spend a lot of time eating in the halls.

Physics homework and snacks = my life. (not even)

Night everyone!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

the start or rather the end...

So I just finished my first week of junior year and thought, "Hey why don't I start a blog?" I'm guessing not that many people I actually see on a daily basis and rather so I could use this as some sort of a diary. Honestly even if someone from school found this, I wouldn't mind, I don't really have anything to hide. I just wouldn't expect anyone from school to find this blog particularly interesting. I promise I won't abandon this like I've done with the past couple blogs I've had...haha

So enough of that boring intro rant, I just warn you, my grammar and spelling will most likely not be inpecable on this blog, I worry about that kind of stuff enough in AP English class ): Oh speaking of school, I go to Lowell High School in San Francisco (yeah I don't care if you know haha) and it is a very,
hardcore academic sort of school. We are known as the nerdy school, the kids that never sleep, the people that find it perfectly normal to take 3APs a year and pass all the exams.

I'm currently taking AP English 75 (20th Century American Writers), AP Calculus-AB, APUSH, AP Physics-C, and for fun Art 1 and Italian 5. My schedule includes long nights of over 60 calc problems, another 30 or so physics ones, an essay maybe, oh and of course there's the outlines for APUSH. But of course along with the other 2800 kids at my school, I know that GPA and SAT/ACT aren't the only things that get me into college, clubs and extras are important too so on top of all that, I'm on Spirit Committee (which is so time consuming), I'm a Jack Kent Cooke scholar, and I've already promised to be a manager for boy varsity tennis and varsity baseball. People often ask how I keep my near perfect GPA, my answer? I don't sleep.

But all work and no play would make Vy a very dull and sad girl so don't let that paragraph up there make you think I lock myself up and don't have any friends. Not to brag but I'm quite the social butterfly, I rarely miss out on a party or simply a day out with friends. I relax through the piano which I have been playing for about 12 years. But all these things make me sound like a girl who just sits on her butt, haha no I'm a certified lifeguard and swim whenever I get the chance and when I get the chance I'll play tennis with a few friends. Of course my favorite exercise is
shopping (:

Now I think I'll just list a few of my
favorite things in no real order.

facebook. texting. staying up late. kirin afternoon tea. fall and the holiday season. friends. baking. clothes. sleep. food in general. organizing events. being out at night with friends. rings. tetris. music. online shopping.