Thursday, October 21, 2010


I'll still check on blogger but I'll be posting on tumblr

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I have so much to say but yet nothing to say.

I just want to express that I am happy. I'm SO happy. Nothing particular happened but I'm

just happy.

Monday, October 18, 2010


It seems as with every passing day, my bittersweet graduation from high school becomes more and more bitter. Yes, my high school is a drama filled/academically throat cutting h*ll hole and a part of me wants nothing but out, but then I remember; friends.

Though I've drifted from one group to another through the course of high school and I'd say my little clique did not form until the second semester of sophomore year and I can't say things like "since freshman year!," I love my friends more than you'd imagine.

College apps are depressing and boring so I want to start blogging about happier things more often, and by things I mean my friends. I think I'll dedicate a short post to a friend every day or every other day or however often college and apps and other things permit me.

I'll probably do these posts in a relatively random order but tonight I want to post about someone I haven't known for very long.

Oh Jason, where to start with him. I met him during the beginning-ish of my Junior year and his Senior year. I remember we met after reg one day when Dylan was walking me to my 6/7 Art class and the first and only thing he said to me was "Wait is she taller than you?" Now that I think about it, he wasn't even talking to me but more about me haha.

From there on out I started to hear about him more both because I joined (and slacked in) Key Club and just through Dylan. To be honest I'm not sure how we started talking to each other. I vaguely remember us both commenting about Calculus or something on facebook and then talking on aim? I'm really not sure but boy am I glad we did.

This is where I'll start sounding major creeper (maybe), but I'm really glad I have a friend like Jason. He's someone I can IM/text whether I'm bored, need to rant, or need to swoon over No Min Woo. I'd say I've stolen him from Dylan's friend archive (:

In a strange way and this may make him feel awkward if he hasn't thought of this or see us as this close, but I see him as an older brother sometimes. As the eldest girl in my family, I've only had a younger sibling and always wanted someone older, specifically a boy because girls are catty and I'd have to share clothes with her.

This weekend Jason is moving, not like across the country status but still out of the city. I feel like I'm losing a good friend/older brother. I'll miss our fail freeway adventures (and almost going to to Hayward), lunches together at In-n-Out, Marnee Thai, Teaway, Chipotle, and MickyDs, watching ice1cube, and all those other moments we shared.

I feel like there is much more I'd like to say to/about Jason but I'll leave it as this for now. After all, this move doesn't mean I'll never talk to him again.

Oh by the way, Jason, I hate your name because I'm friends with a guy named Jason Wong on facebook so when I tag you, I have to type out Jason Won L :P
I'll make a real poster version soon
1/2 of our pics together (besides group pics)
keep on nomming (:

Saturday, October 16, 2010


On Friday I didn't really have school so I decided to visit the boyfriend over in Berkeley. Unfortunately I had to check into my first class so I drove my butt all the way to school just to check into that class. I didn't want to find parking in Berkeley so I decided to take the M literally across the city and then to take BART across the bay and through Oakland...all for that boy haha.

So after Dylan and I got to his dorm, I was soooo annoyed. I'm pretty OCD neat and his room -__-" Haha so of course I had to clean it. me, it was worse in person
after (:
after + my toms haha

After all that, we relaxed for a while, camerawhored, and played with PoofPoof (: Oh and I groomed Dylan's brows, like always haha.
so heavy! haha I got a silly one
then again, I'm pretty silly too
his attempt
I put it on autotimer and thought he was going to sit up! -__-

Eventually we got hungry and went to get sandwiches. Haha since Dylan comes home every weekend, he had some (a lot of) extra meal points so I splurged on the bacon and avocados...which turned out to be guacamole and not actual pieces of avocado as I had expected. Afterwards we went off to the Asian Ghetto (again haha) and got Quickly's.
lunnnch (:
waiting for drinks at Quickly
Dylan's Turkey, Bacon, Provolone, Lettuce, Tomato, & Mayo on Wheat
My Crispy Chicken, Bacon, Provolone, "Avocado," Tomato and Mayo on Sourdough

After lunch we made a stop by Walgreens so I could buy Reeses. Then we went back to Dylan's dorm and waited for my friend Jess. We had a nice time catching up and eating the Reeses (our insider haha).
Reesessss (:
oh Jess, love this girl, last time I saw her, I was 13.

At the end of the day, my friend Jason came over to Berkeley (he goes to college in Marin) to pick me up and drive me back to school so I could pick up my car. Haha he ended up getting semi-lost and we almost went to Hayward. -__- But either way, it was fun times and good convos in the car and I gave him half of my sandwich from earlier which he really enjoyed haha.
stuck in traffic
gps on the phone
so sunny on the bay bridge
not so sunny in SF

Happy Birthday to Me...(part 2)

On Saturday I had SATs which wasn't so difficult but still not the best way to spend a Saturday. Luckily, Sunday was amazing.

I woke up at around 10:30 (still early for me haha), got ready, and met Dylan downtown for lunch. We had lunch at the Burger Bar which is on the 6th floor of Macy's overseeing Union Square. Speaking of which, I don't think we have ever gone to a restaurant more than once, besides Scala's haha. The food was good, we shared a giant Nutella Milksake, I got fish'n'chips, and Dylan got a classic burger with swiss but the service was SLOW.
union square
Nutella Milkshake!
my fish'n'chips
Dylan's burger and we still wonder who's fries those were

After we were full and happy, we wandered Macy's a bit, looked a dresses, and then we headed to Union Square for our classic picture there. Afterwards we went to forever21 so I could get Joel a cardigan haha.
Macy's Holiday Lane behind us
in Macy's
the classic picture
adding on (:
grr bangs haha
in f21

After our fun times downtown, we headed back to Dylan's house to relax and get ready for dinner with 2osomething of my friends haha.

comfy time! I love his PJs haha
Bobby is so cute!
walking to dinner (it was like 5 blocks away)

Dinner at Isa was amazing. I had a great time with all my friends and the food was delicious. I think the grand total came out to be about $700 for the 20some of us which isn't too bad. There were fun convos, delicious dishes, and just plain good company. Also Ellen brought us a giant brownie cake (: Oh and Sam asked me if he could ask Astra to boat at my birthday and of course I said yes.
with the boyfriend (:
"oh you fancy huh?" with Marvin and Scott
haha they're like twins, you can see most of my outfit here
Angela; LBD? haha
Stanley! looking good as always (:
the girls...well some of them haha, people were still arriving
so many black shirts haha; Jason & Kevin
haha not sure why we tilted...Ellen&Chris
haha all neutral colors, with Andrew and Joel
with Astra and Sam
Organic Loch Duart salmon carpaccio with lemon, crème fraiche, cucumber, egg, capers & crostini
Heirloom tomato salad with arugula, feta cheese, basil, olive oil & balsamic
Grilled local calamari with honey spice, flageolet beans, lemon zest & arugula
Steamed Prince Edward island mussels with garlic, white wine, parsley & grilled bread
foie gras
Maple leaf farm duck breast with figs, chèvre, arugula & wild huckleberry sauce
Grilled golden gate natural angus flat iron steak with haricot verts, potatoes, moutarde verte & bordelaise sauce
Spaghetti with prawns, calamari, mussels, tomatoes, & arugula
Pan roasted rocky Jr. Range chicken with fresh herbs, creamy mashed potatoes & jus de poulet
like a feast
birthday boy and girl (haha in the cardigan I got him)
group picture (:

I won't go too much into detail about what I got this year so I just made a quick collage of everything and while I was at it, I couldn't help but make a college of all the group pictures of my high school birthdays. Time seems to fly and I can't believe this was the last one. I'll miss all my friends and the love they give me but hopefully my next birthday will be even more amazing. Thankyou to everyone for the love/wishes you've given me this year. But...on to the big one eight!
thankyou everyone
nostalgia (: <3