Saturday, October 16, 2010


On Friday I didn't really have school so I decided to visit the boyfriend over in Berkeley. Unfortunately I had to check into my first class so I drove my butt all the way to school just to check into that class. I didn't want to find parking in Berkeley so I decided to take the M literally across the city and then to take BART across the bay and through Oakland...all for that boy haha.

So after Dylan and I got to his dorm, I was soooo annoyed. I'm pretty OCD neat and his room -__-" Haha so of course I had to clean it. me, it was worse in person
after (:
after + my toms haha

After all that, we relaxed for a while, camerawhored, and played with PoofPoof (: Oh and I groomed Dylan's brows, like always haha.
so heavy! haha I got a silly one
then again, I'm pretty silly too
his attempt
I put it on autotimer and thought he was going to sit up! -__-

Eventually we got hungry and went to get sandwiches. Haha since Dylan comes home every weekend, he had some (a lot of) extra meal points so I splurged on the bacon and avocados...which turned out to be guacamole and not actual pieces of avocado as I had expected. Afterwards we went off to the Asian Ghetto (again haha) and got Quickly's.
lunnnch (:
waiting for drinks at Quickly
Dylan's Turkey, Bacon, Provolone, Lettuce, Tomato, & Mayo on Wheat
My Crispy Chicken, Bacon, Provolone, "Avocado," Tomato and Mayo on Sourdough

After lunch we made a stop by Walgreens so I could buy Reeses. Then we went back to Dylan's dorm and waited for my friend Jess. We had a nice time catching up and eating the Reeses (our insider haha).
Reesessss (:
oh Jess, love this girl, last time I saw her, I was 13.

At the end of the day, my friend Jason came over to Berkeley (he goes to college in Marin) to pick me up and drive me back to school so I could pick up my car. Haha he ended up getting semi-lost and we almost went to Hayward. -__- But either way, it was fun times and good convos in the car and I gave him half of my sandwich from earlier which he really enjoyed haha.
stuck in traffic
gps on the phone
so sunny on the bay bridge
not so sunny in SF


  1. haha woww you're a dedicated gf ^^ sounds like that commute/travel was pretty rough.

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