Thursday, October 14, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me...(part 1)

So as I mentioned before, I turned 17 last week! October is such a busy month! Sarah's birthday (haha your belated package should get shipped...soon), Dylan's mom's birthday, my 17th birthday, my best friend Joel's 17th birthday, SATs, ACTs, Dylan's 18th birthday, Senior Boat, and of apps.

Bleh but besides all else that was going on, I still had an amazing birthday this year.

It started on Thursday (October 7th) with my locker. So at my school (and I think other places...?) your friends usually wrap your locker on your birthday and every year so far my friends have ghetto wrapped it with binder paper/white paper instead of nice wrapping paper because something always goes wrong but it's still cute.

This year was no exception but it was even cuter this year. Ellen and Nancy wrapped my locker in bright green paper because everything I have seems to be bright green and put a fuzzy trim around. And Marvin and Scott gave me two giant balloons, a 1 and a 7, which were so difficult to carry all day. Marvin also made me lunch (pasta, yummm) and left it in my locker. (: A great way to start my birthday.
my locker (:
the inside
it tasted great haha
Joel&Me; birthday buddies

Then at lunch, Jason drove Dylan back from Berkeley for my special day. He came with even more stargazer lilies (: I was just happy to have him back for my birthday but the flowers made me even happier. So afterwards Jason drove Dylan, Angela, and I to Teaway to get drinks. Haha I'm so addicted. Hazelnut Milktea with small tapioca, lychee jelly, and lychee popping tapioca? Yes. (:
haha cute..
mmmm choices

My last class of the day is AP Econ and that day happened to be cookie day. We had all baked cookies previously and so we brought them in that day and went nomnomnom but Dylan surprised me by showing up with a cake, singing happy birthday to me and asking me to Boat (: Yes, of course. (:
cookies :D
hmmm decisions?
haha check out his footwear...

The fun didn't stop there though, I came home to 2 dozen roses, a cheesecake, a card, $100, pasta, and a lotttt of Vietnamese food from my family (:
happy as a clam (:

The next day, October 8th, was my bestie Joel's 17th as well but I don't really have pictures from Friday, boys don't seem to be as into birthdays as girls haha. But either way, once again, we combined our birthdays on Sunday but I'll save that for part 2 since this is pretty long already. (:

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  1. haha.. again, WOW! looks like you have amazing birthdays if this is what you get every year :P but i'm sure it's just everyone returning the love that you give out <33