Sunday, July 25, 2010

sfo & sunburns; superrrr picture heavy

Okay so this post is back in "real time" haha. I'm actually back home now but I'm leaving on Wednesday again for a scholarship reunion in Baltimore and then possibly going to LA afterwards because my parents want to visit my grandparents...did I mention senior year starts in 3 wks from today? This has been such a busy summer.

So I got home yesterday and crashed for 16hrs or so...and today I woke up and went to celebrate my brother's birthday but I'll blog about that in my next post. Let's back up a bit.

So after I wrote that last post, I took a one hour BART ride out to SFO to pick up someone (cough Dylan haha cough). At SFO they have two arrival areas for the international terminal, A and G. Everyone was coming out of Gate G so there I stood...then suddenly someone was behind me, Dylan and his family came out Gate A -__-. After 10minute hugs and showing me a giant stuffed penguin named Poof Poof, we camerawhored and I BARTed back to Berkeley.
still as silly as ever..

The next day we went to the Giants vs. Mets game but really all we did was eat over priced (but delicious) garlic fries and get sunburned. I also confirmed that I HATE baseball...sorry for those who love it, I hate it, it's sooooooooo slow and boring. Basketball season, please start soon :D
free ticket? haha
oh so bored
nom nom nom garlic fries!

After the game, we camerawhored around Berkeley. Or rather, I got really good at autotime pictures haha. I think I want to do my prom photoshoot at UC Berkeley this year because everyone and their grandmothers do it around San Francisco and plus, Berkeley has some nice looking libraries haha. We also had dinner at this cheapy Italian place.
I like our smiles here
on the bridge between Hillside and La Loma
our relationship
whispering bench
chicken marsala
and I was crying on the staircase...
...begging you please don't go
...and I said...
...Romeo take me somewhere we can be alone
accidental but I like (:
I carried him!
I feel like Cinderella (:
lounging on the patio/balcony
one hour later...

On Monday Dylan and I had super fatty fries for lunch and then at night we wandered downtown Berkeley for a fish and chips place but ended up at Blondies. During the day we did my laundry/taught Dylan how to do laundry haha, preparing the boyfriend for college. While the clothes were in the machines, Dylan showed me all his China pictures and we lounged in the sun.
garlic fries
curly chilli cheese fries
super nom haha
in the student plaza-y place
shirts from china! can you read em? haha
Sather Tower at night

Tuesday was FREEZING. My roomie and I walked down to Telegraph to get lunch because the dining hall was closed. I got the Mexican Tortilla Chicken Soup from SF Soup Company and she got Subway. Then I went into the Foothills kitchen to find random ingredients sitting around so I made Dylan a sandwich because he's been asking me to for months. -__- Then at night his mom picked me up because she works in Berkeley and I had dinner at his house. Nom nom nom. I ate like 30 of his mom's Kimchi Potstickers :D
my soup and Dylan's sandwich
the sandwich (:
look how big POOF POOF is!

Wednesday was the worst day ever. I had an on going cold building up and Wednesday was where all hell let loose. It was freezing and Dylan and I wandered for an hour looking for a fish n chips place that turned out to be a catering business -__- Then we settled for quickly's which was horrible for me and I was like fevering/chills-ing and vomity feeling. Blehhhh. We finally made it back to Foothills and I defrosted but still had a horrible headache. For my Abnormal Neuropsychology class, we took a field trip down to Cal's MRI machine and scanned an RA's brain. Fun stuff (: RA bonding night was also Wednesday and we went to SF's Japantown to get our nails done. After running to catch the BART and taking the 38, we ended up in Jtown. Sophie's! I love crepes (: It was a nice bonding night but I was just so sick the whole time ):
really just feeling horrible
brain scans!
strapped him in good haha
pretty drink bottles
peach italian soda and chicken pesto salad crepe
Helen and her crepe
damn son
Helen and I

Thursday was a blur to me. Dylan brought me lunch and sat with me while I recovered from my cold and worked on my power point last minute. Afterwards I packed up my room and went to the final formal banquet. Food was mehhh...but the salmon was great. I then stole several cups of "milk tea" and enjoyed a skype date with Dylan in my comfy PJs while the other kids had a "dance."
my fancy French salami sandwich
Dylan's lemon gingerbread pancakes
he didn't wanna get more sunburned
glare ): couldn't see my power point
camerawhoring before the banquet
our lovely servers haha
salmon was good...pasta was uhhhh yeah
stolen tea
notice how he removed his sweater
Helen and her cake haha

Friday was a touristy trip of SF which was rather boring to me but apparently amazing to everyone else haha. I had a very nice dinner with Dylan though and we played in a playground afterwards!
an interesting dress but it was too big ): (I'm holding it in the back)
the restaurant
we always get calamari
his pizza
my gnocchi
super bundled up
being kids

The End...sorta