Friday, July 9, 2010

life; i'm so cool, i get free drinks and i make creampuffs

So I mentioned earlier that I have a lot of free time here at Berkeley. Basically my commitments are going to class and well...going to class. During my free time, I've wandered back to SF, went to Dylan's group's potluck for 4th of July, had lunch with Mick, and just wandered Berkeley with some other pre-college kiddies. Dylan is in China which means no aim, texting, calls, and I've only gotten one email from him ): Anyways, I'll let the pics/captions tell the story (:
I stole his coat (:
watching his mom cooks makes me happy
helping him...
...pack for China?
Toy Story 3 in 3D for free? SOOO good, I cried, a lot!
if you're ever in Berkeley, check out the Brazil Cafe
Dylan's $1 mango smoothie haha
photobooth fun
silly pants
at the Greek Theater by my dorm
chillin in my dorm room
camerawhoring around Berkeley
Sather Tower in the background
random pond?
resting in the grass
future model
the fountain outside the cal store
jamba couple
matchy matchy
Cal Couple?
Dylan's dinner in the Asian Ghetto
cutty restroom?
wandering Berkeley at night
giant green wall?
4th of July shopping
team work
so much butter
ready to go
hehe cutie
food post dinner
Dylan's friends...I really don't know them...
late night barting
waiting for our transfer
I KOed after this, it was SOOO comfy
clay mask haha
enjoying the couch and PJs
last minute Chinese lesson before he left for China
getting pweeedy
Chipotle Steak Bowl
Mick is an indecisive shopper
looked tempting...
the guy said Mick and I were cool and gave us free drinks haha
suite bonding night
cheapy Italian eats, we got all that and 3 calzones for like $54

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  1. yummm, mango smoothie :D looks like you always have a great time!