Sunday, July 25, 2010

friends, friends, and anticipation

I wrote this post over a week ago but forgot to ever finish it haha. I was writing this on Saturday when Dylan's flight was still a few hours from landing and I was killing time. Haha so is the original text:

"To past the time I've slept in until 11 today and then I tagged like 200 pictures on facebook. I also tanned on the patio/balcony for about 20mins and then I nommed on veggie straws, hummus, and sweet tea. So now I'll update you all on my week to kill more time haha.

Monday was boring but I did catch up on a lot of sleep.

I had dinner with the boys and played Twister on Tuesday.

Wednesday was RA night and omg it was hectic! Imagine like 20 ppl in a tiny kitchen...I managed to make garlic fries and a raspberry chocolate cheesecake.

Thursday was relatively uneventful and Friday was spent with my swim buddies Tammy and Nancy. We hit up Brazil Cafe and Naia for sandwiches and gelato. We also had a little mini adventure in Walgreens. As we started to walk back to Telegraph to check some shoes at Urban, Dylan's friend Mick texted me so we met up to chill with him for a while as he ate his lunch.

Yup...a chill week. Now for the pics as usual :D"
oh boys...
four man twister
Kevin and I are awkwards
broke college life
my garlic fries
garlic fingers haha
our homemade meal
love the view
chilling during a lecture break
my raspberry chocolate cheesecake
at Brazil Cafe
Walgreens fun
at Naia's
Mick looks uber awkwards
at the whispering bench

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  1. yummmm, so much food! hahaha and i bet that game of twister was super awkward :X