Sunday, February 28, 2010

rewrite: new hair color, shopping, food, randoms, and photoshop beauty

Rewrite! Gosh blogger formated my post so it looked like %SVFSD+QY&#^&*#Y or something like that. Bleh! So I'm rewriting with more pictures and such.

Anyways, yesterday I went to color my hair. My natural hair color is a medium brown because my grandmother was blonde. However, back in August of 2009, I dyed it black, like blackblack. I wasn't much a fan of that so I wanted a dark brown. I went in and got "medium beige brown" but it turned out golden red brown...yeah I don't know. I feel a bit fobby but I'll pull it off somehow. I also got a bit of a trim of my bangs and a hot oil treatment after (:
its lighter than this
but darker than this...

Also on Friday I randomly hungout with my friend Wendy from middle school and we have a tradition of going to Walgreens everytime we hangout so yeah...haha and yes I need 6 lip balms...
legit AloE this time, not Alo. & melon hi-chew? didn't know about that...
honeysuckle honeydew lip balm from eos. funky packaging eh?
dsk seems to talk about these a lot (I think haha) so I wanted to try them out, hers are in metallic packaging though, wonder if theres a difference...
I'm curious about this acai berry...
yeah I actually did need this (ran out haha)

So I also went shopping after I got my hair colored...sigh haha
looks cuter on (:
I went into vans for gray slip ons but got these instead...
even my mom loved this one (mostly because of the purple)

Also Dylan and I have gotten a lot of couple-y things lately haha.
promise ring I got him
promise ring he got me
disney love!
these things are too cute!

Some food pictures because I'm a fatty. (haha check out more food pictures here)
pesto pasta salad
mexican chicken tortilla soup from SF Soup Co. - I'm addicted!
steak fajitas from chevy's

Random fun pictures!
Julia's keys! I love them, probably why I made Dylan get those charms haha.
Ames sleeping in class
Dylan's panda lanyard. they're so cute!
mister pengda enjoying his eel
Tenavi looking spiffy for all city champs (:
ripped off the gs warriors haha
family picture with Wellington!
my desk the night before a test...bleh
infamous Mr. Chan in pink and playing magic
Kevin was Francesca for a day...
...and I was K. Hu (he took my Italian sweatshirt and I took his track one haha)

Lastly, I was going through my magazines and remembered that 99.9999% of the pictures are fake. So really girls, don't feel bad about not looking like the models, its a'll photoshop anyways. If an amateur like me can adjust myself, imagine the pros! And I'm wearing SARAH's earrings b.
fake! haha taken before my hair coloring

Saturday, February 20, 2010

mister wellington the penguin

Haha okay so before I get into anything else, I have to introduce you all to Mister Wellington.
Mister Wellington
haha aren't they cute?
I don't think it works like that Dylan...

So like I've mentioned that I call my boyfriend Mister Pengda because I think penguins and pandas are super cute. And I love fat things. So he got me a fat penguin! Haha since he looks so formal I decided to name him Mister Wellington (: It was so random and unexpected, I was pretty surprised and definitely happy. Thank you Mister Pengda, I love you.
PS Keep Mister Wellington warm in your bed until Monday (:

Okay so besides that my week has been quite interesting. Tuesday was another surprise from Dylan. I once mentioned to him that my favorite flowers were Stargazer Lilies so he brought me those and roses along with chocolates in reg (homeroom). What's the occasion? Just because it was Tuesday and I hate Tuesdays. I was definitely surprised and it brightened up my day, although they made me sneeze like crazy. I think it's funny that Sarah got the same flowers. haha.
even the box is pretty, cept Joel stole this box once I was done with the chocolates.
Yummy (: haha on my friend's precal book.
Haha the roses kind of took over.
looking awkward with my flowers

So this week's weather has been extra bipolar, even for San Francisco. It started uber warm and sunny on Wednesday and by Friday it was raining! Well at least while it was sunny, my friends and I enjoyed it by sunbathing for an hour during our 7th period "lunch."
Kevin was so relaxed haha
autotimer fail: the camera fell over haha
my hair looks really short here...
looking awkward and pale next to Kevin haha

I also spent a good amount of time camerawhoring with Dylan. Bad hair day but I still decided to post the pictures.
I'm uber pale compared to him...or anyone actually
misbehaving bangs
haha kinda loving my legs here

On Friday I spent one of my lunches looking after my friends dog because security was on our case about having him inside. That little ball of energy kept us running laps around the school but ended up falling asleep in my lap/Dylan's clothes afterschool.

Other random notes? My English teacher introduced a new word to me on Friday, schadenfreude. It means to take pleasure in someone else's misfortune. I must admit I got a bit of a kick out of knowing someone I don't particularly like got a D on her Calculus test, the same test i got 102% on. (: Yes I am a meaniepants.

Also I've come across a problem. I love organizing and planning so I recently spent hours on my application for my class's Senior Prom Committee. However, if i make it, I'll have to work at this year's senior prom which means no time with Dylan at his senior prom. Bleh.

Lastly I'm totally in love with Tiffany's site. Her stuff is so cute, affordable, and there is such a variety. The link is on the side. (Little Kawaii Things) Check her out.
To end on a happy note, I'm loving these two commercials. The first is funny and the second is quite cute.

Monday, February 15, 2010

walgreens is a dangerous place and promise rings?

It's currently like 5am and Dylan has waddled off to his bamboo bed and crashed so why not blog? Hmm what is there to say? I guess happy belated lunar new years /valentines day!

Didn't get to do anything with Dylan today but we Skyped and watched the All Star game. I said the East would win and he picked West. If he won, I'd bring him lunch for a week and if I won, he'd bring me a cupcake and serenade me everyday in reg (homeroom) for a week. I won (: Sosomeone better go get me my red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. I usually share my lunch with him anyways. :P

Hmm so as the title suggests, I made another trip to Walgreens (I live across the street -__-) but didn't get as much this time. (:
haha yes a problem? I'm a lipgloss whore...and yeah I just needed tweezers because I lost my other pair ):
top: peachy sheen
bottom: crush on coral
candy sale? Haha
Dylan has been obsessed with Aloe Drink so I tried to see what all the hype was about. Honestly it tasted like grape to me haha.
the red ones are my favorite

While we're talking about food, I always saw those commercials of kids putting like cheese and goldfish in their tomato soup so I thought I'd try that out too. I finished it but it wasn't my favorite food. Also on Friday Dylan and I went to Starbucks and they put my cupcake in a cup it was...interesting.
oh Starbucks...
haha his drink matches his outfit
speaking of matching, his laces matched my umbrella.

Now time for the usual random friend pictures. (:
haha I really don't know
we tried taking this picture inside but the lady laughed at us...
Joel took 50pics of me w/o me noticing.
so I look some of him too
Scott dropped his sandwich so he had goldfish for lunch instead.
my circle just always ends up like this
attractive eh? haha

So funny story about Dylan and me. A few months ago I told him something that made him think I was totally against promise rings. So around Christmas time I brought up rings and he said he wasn't ready for promise rings. I'm quite selfish, jealous, and territorial when it comes to him so this was the one thing I didn't want to push so I didn't say anything until tonight. We figured out the whole mis understanding and then we spent several hours looking at promise rings. I've found these two. I'm trying to keep it under $100 and he said $150. Any suggestions? (:

We also recently watched Time Traveler's Wife and I cried my heart out. Love Dylan, really, it's unexplainable (:
giant oreo?
he looks silly (:
pout (:
I made him wear a skirt to look like a jellyfish to be an extra in my Italian project. Thanks Dylan (: