Monday, February 8, 2010

haven't been here in a while...

Haha remember the days of my hauls and OOTD's? Gosh it's been so long, I must be rusty or something. Maybe this'll come off as a shocker to Dylan, I don't think he knows this side of me yet because the partying and beauty blogging side of me kind of died off right before I met him haha. Well let's get this started.

I promised I'd post these like over a week ago. ):
The only normal one.

Cute packaging gets me every time (:
I'm storing them all in this pouch she sent
What can I say? I was on an earring kick.

Walgreens? Haha

So initially I was like "hmm I'm out of shampoo/conditioner and face scrub, let's make a quick Walgreens run." I end up spending like 30mins there haha.
I can't resist mascara & brushes haha, even though I own both of those already, backups? & I did run outta primer so that's justified.
What I actually went to get. -__-
Anyone that knows me knows thats my favorite blush so yes I need a back up of it...and I cracked the powder opening it. -__-

I think some people would say I'm getting too comfy with Dylan. Letting him in on all these behind the scenes stuff but am I really expected to go on trying to have him think I look the way I do w/o trying? I think that's insulting to him because I think thats calling him stupid haha. So yes, I don't mind having him tell me somethings in my teeth, him seeing me with bedhead, or him knowing that yes some days I rely on beauty products to look the way I do. Random rant? Haha ok one more post to go.

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  1. haha, too comfy with dylan? man my bf sees my naked face all the time xD and he still hasn't run away. what i think is scary is when people wear make up ALL THE TIME.. then what? when they move in together or get married, THEN the guy sees her naked face.. i think that's more scary.