Monday, February 15, 2010

walgreens is a dangerous place and promise rings?

It's currently like 5am and Dylan has waddled off to his bamboo bed and crashed so why not blog? Hmm what is there to say? I guess happy belated lunar new years /valentines day!

Didn't get to do anything with Dylan today but we Skyped and watched the All Star game. I said the East would win and he picked West. If he won, I'd bring him lunch for a week and if I won, he'd bring me a cupcake and serenade me everyday in reg (homeroom) for a week. I won (: Sosomeone better go get me my red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. I usually share my lunch with him anyways. :P

Hmm so as the title suggests, I made another trip to Walgreens (I live across the street -__-) but didn't get as much this time. (:
haha yes a problem? I'm a lipgloss whore...and yeah I just needed tweezers because I lost my other pair ):
top: peachy sheen
bottom: crush on coral
candy sale? Haha
Dylan has been obsessed with Aloe Drink so I tried to see what all the hype was about. Honestly it tasted like grape to me haha.
the red ones are my favorite

While we're talking about food, I always saw those commercials of kids putting like cheese and goldfish in their tomato soup so I thought I'd try that out too. I finished it but it wasn't my favorite food. Also on Friday Dylan and I went to Starbucks and they put my cupcake in a cup it was...interesting.
oh Starbucks...
haha his drink matches his outfit
speaking of matching, his laces matched my umbrella.

Now time for the usual random friend pictures. (:
haha I really don't know
we tried taking this picture inside but the lady laughed at us...
Joel took 50pics of me w/o me noticing.
so I look some of him too
Scott dropped his sandwich so he had goldfish for lunch instead.
my circle just always ends up like this
attractive eh? haha

So funny story about Dylan and me. A few months ago I told him something that made him think I was totally against promise rings. So around Christmas time I brought up rings and he said he wasn't ready for promise rings. I'm quite selfish, jealous, and territorial when it comes to him so this was the one thing I didn't want to push so I didn't say anything until tonight. We figured out the whole mis understanding and then we spent several hours looking at promise rings. I've found these two. I'm trying to keep it under $100 and he said $150. Any suggestions? (:

We also recently watched Time Traveler's Wife and I cried my heart out. Love Dylan, really, it's unexplainable (:
giant oreo?
he looks silly (:
pout (:
I made him wear a skirt to look like a jellyfish to be an extra in my Italian project. Thanks Dylan (:


  1. promise rings!! my bf and i got promise rings too.. i think they're sooo cute :) haha and yea i'm totally possessive of my bf too.. the ring is like his collar.. HAHAHAA. just kidding :) but you knowww :P

    i think i prefer the second ring of the two you posted :) i'd be afraid that the first one would get caught on something, since the thing is dangling from it..

  2. it's not Aloe... ITS ALOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!