Wednesday, March 31, 2010

prom season; 'tis the season for spending!

Gosh Prom Season is driving me nutttts! So much planning to do and so much money flying around. Some of my guy friends actually legitly selling their pokemon cards in order to pay for prom. Tickets run $55-65. Then there's dinner. Then pictures. Tuxes/dress. Corsages/boutonnieres. Luckily Dylan owns a tux so he doesn't have to spend like $100 renting one, but speaking of clothes.

I love Thu, (secretlifeofabionerd) and she helped me out so much with my dress but we weren't sure if the dress would make it to me on time, SO I ended up ordering another dress from LuLu's and paying $18 for shipping to ensure it arrives in 3 days. -__-

my first dress. (order here)
the back up dress (order here)

Then gosh, most prom groups are like 10 people max, our dinner group is 30 (possibly 32) people and then there's 34 people in our group picture. I guess I brought this upon myself because I'm always planning things. Like I'm known for it, haha my OCD and planning skills are a gift and a curse. Like my friend Saif, whom you guys have seen in other posts, is not even in the junior class and he says he always hears things like "are you going to Vy's dinner?" and "are you in Vy's group?" Honestly, at 3am last night, some guy IMed me on AIM that I didn't even know and asked to be in our dinner.

I guess because I'm honestly pretty good at it. I found the closest restaurant to prom (Dylan helped me make the reservation, grazie amore), organized the picture so that the photographer won't faint when we show up, and even organized rides and our schedule down to the minute. Last night I had 13 IM windows open, microsoft word, facebook, google maps, and restaurant tabs open everywhere. I'm even organizing all my friends' rides. Sigh we'll see how things turn out.

Corsages and Boutonnieres! Dylan's so sweet, he suggested going old school and making them ourselves. Of course I picked the flowers because...I'm picky haha. Peach roses and white orchids. I think I was inspired by this corsage, but no in love with the shape, we'll see what Dylan makes...

Also! I have to thank Sarah (Moto Jewelry) for helping me with a custom order. I had this super vague idea of peaches/corals and lime green, and she was able to help put those lame ideas into two pairs of beautiful earrings. I must say, I love her style the most and she's such a sweet girl. Haha I will definitely be sending her something once her birthday rolls around. (Which I believe is a few days before mine if I remember correctly...haha) Check out her blog and jewelry (:

lime green: before
peaches/coral: before
lime green: final
peaches/corals: final

Lastly, on Thursday afterschool Dylan and I rushed to the physics do what? To check Cal admissions! Gosh I was shaking more than him. His whole family went there and of course if he went there, he'd only be a bart ride away (: So after some major shaking and checking all his emails because he forgot his ID...he got in! And of course I screamed and jumped (: I'm actually doing a summer program at Cal this summer...integrating myself! It was funny because then everyone was like "Oh you have to get into Cal next year!" Little do they know that I'm not even applying to Cal...haha (: So again, Congratulations to Dylan (:

He even got his hair re-done for prom (:

Saturday, March 27, 2010

half a year!

Just a quick post. Originally this was a note on facebook but I thought I'd share it here too:

Happy 6 Months!

I'm going to start this by saying, "I love you!" I honestly cannot believe it has been half a year! Just think about it, a year ago, I thought you were a jerk in pre-cal class and you thought I was nothing but "the sophomore." Look at us now, constantly called cute and adorable by our peers. I'm not going to lie, I get a warm a fuzzy feeling when I hear such things. I'm not saying I need everyone to approve of us but it definitely feels nice. I've never had such compliments, then again, I've never had such a boyfriend before. One that loves me regardless at my best and at my worst, through my tantrums, blowups, mess ups, accomplishments, failures, giddiness, seriousness, in sickness and in health (haha Okay, maybe not that marriage vow-ish)

You are truly the world to me and I often can't believe that I deserve a guy who treats me so well. From showing up at my house with a flower and a funny picture to ask me out to surprising me in class today with a card bigger than me, I've never thought I'd get such treatment.

Joel asked me if I could see myself happily married with you in 5-6 years, sorry but no, haha more like 10 years. I appreciate that you accept my decisions, such as neglecting to even apply to Berkeley and to choose a major which will force me to spend 6 years as an undergrad. I'm glad I've found someone who has such similar overall goals and ideals in life as well as small things, like hating licorice. But at the same time we have our differences which keeps things interesting.

I love that we have our cutesy couple moments but we're still friends. We still have jokes, sometimes vulgar, and we still tease each other. I love that we don't make those around us feel 3rd wheel; we're able to integrate them (or at least I hope so). I like how people asked me about your health when you were in the ER, made me feel responsible for you. I love that I feel so safe and confident telling you anything; from secrets to just general things like if I want cupcakes. I like that I don't have to beat around the bush and hope that you understand it. We're close enough that I can ask for things without feeling demanding. I love that I can feed you all the time. (2 lunches, what else to do but go buy food for you?) You were nothing I was looking for (as pointed out by Julia Zhu) but I obviously was looking in the wrong place.

I've gone on about enough serious business and so I think I'll reiterate my favorite moments from our relationship.

-You recording a video of you singing the nerd version of birthday sex for me on my facebook wall.
-You offering me that ride home on the night of my cousin's wedding because I felt like you cared about me even though we weren't going out.
-You spending 2 hours eating one slice of pizza at Blondie's.
-You holding my hand in the car even before we went out.
-You asking me to dance at homecoming and me ignoring you by pretending I didn't hear you because I was embarrassed and scared I didn't meet your standards of dancing haha.

-It made me super happy to see how happily and easily you got along with my friends at my birthday party.
-I appreciate that you let me choose who we had dinner with before Boat, even if it was your Sr Boat and not mine.
-You changing in the middle of the first floor. (pants and all)

-We FINALLY watched Finding Nemo (but I didn't cry!)
-I love how you guessed my favorite restaurant and made reservations with such confidence even before I told you if you were right.
-There's this magical (no other word for it) feeling I got when we were wandering downtown at night after our first tree lighting together on our anniversary that I cherish.
-I like that we're a couple that will get all dressed up and go to the opera, only to agree to go home and watch a movie.

-I love how we planned to go to dinner but end up staying in anyways because we enjoy each other's company regardless.
-I'm glad you put up with all my OCD planning for winterball.
-Our winterball picture; I think it summarizes our relationship. A picture may be worth 1000 words, but I could never find the words to describe us.
-Playing 10 fingers with you and my friends at dinner was the highlight of my night.

-Our entire three day weekend together after finals. I don't think i've ever felt so happy.
-You carrying me around Japantown because my heels hurt.
-You peeing into a Pepsi can. (-__-)
-Us getting our matching awkward moments shirts!

-You getting me flowers on not Valentine's Day. (made me feel like you love me and will put in effort for me everyday, not just on a day set by society)
-You surprising me with Mister Wellington the Penguin!
-You matching me everyday for a week without trying.

-You getting me a promise ring.
-You not reading the directions to your lab (or anything else.)
-Us getting matching Micky Mouse/Minnie Mouse and Panda keychains.
-Me asking you to prom. (Technically Ms. Carney asked you...)
-You taking the time to text me constantly while in San Diego.
-Almost crying and watching your flight status all night, reconfirmed that you are no teenage fling, I love you Dylan K. Y. Tong.
-You surprising me with a giant card. The penguin looked like it was drawn by a 3 year old but I loved it.
-Ms. Carney calling you out for never doing anything for me.
-Being able to be there when you got your acceptance into Berkeley, even though I was shaking more than you.
-Astra remembering our anniversary. haha

True love is when the other person's happiness is essential to your own...
Happy Anniversary Dylan

Vy Valentina Minh Le

to many more anniversaries to come...

Friday, March 19, 2010

a week of amazing weather!

So for some unknown reason, a semi heat wave hit SF this week and so it's been shorts and dresses galore! I used to not like warm weather but I've grown to love it. I still love the fall/winter because it's my birthday and I love the holiday season. Plus I love the dark colors and peacoats and scarves...but now I'm loving my shorts and tanks as well. So without further ado, picture time (:Junior Prom; As Long as You're Mine
Jason, Ashley, and I waiting for Angela to get cash
Saif and Kevin playing ten fingers
my green for st. patty's day
bored in apush
remember Allie? She's back for spring break and her birthday again!
this time we went to crepevine (look at the crowd we beat!)
Allie and Ames each got a Sunset crepe (Bananas, Strawberries, Nutella and Vanilla Icecream.)
I got a Milano crepe (Grilled eggplant, mushrooms, roasted garlic, spinach and tomatoes with cheddar, mozzarella, cottage cheese and marinara) with house potatoes and a salad
Happy belated 19th Allie!
Leftovers for Dylan and a Power Strawberries Wild for him as well (his English teased him for not ever doing anything for me)
Posing at Jamba Juice
Car Pics!
I'm loving their faces
Nick Kwan showing how to act during an earthquake
mighty uncomfy there Valerie
Ames looks pantsless
Angela and Ashley lounging during the "fire drill" turned into picnic party
relaxing on the grass for another hr..
Andrew Chou, I like you! haha
Apparently my hair feels like a pillow (playing apples to apples)
Patty and Astra
March Madness plans
because Dylan missed my outfit today
without the sweater

Speaking of Dylan...he's in San Diego for tennis this weekend ): He left last night and all I did was track his flight status every 5 minutes. He seems to be having fun which is great but I still miss him. I tried keeping myself busy today which meant pigging out with Kevin and Scott afterschool and watching basketball.
In a week it'll be Dylan and my 6th month anniversary! I'm quite excited because I believe 6 months was the longest relationship he's been in. (:Joel and him make me feel 3rd wheel!
haha Him and Astra are fun...
I love him (:
I almost cried watching him leave (yes I'm very attached)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

relationship rant and pictures galore!

So Dylan wanted me to post because he likes reading about himself (conceited) even though he hasn't posted for even longer. (We have very different blog styles haha) I'm not too sure what to say about him at this point.

I just really think we're...perfect.

I'm about to criticize my friend and her relationship, not that I don't love her or that I dislike her boyfriend, they just don't work. He's clueless and she expects the world. They have no proper communication at all. They send flirty texts to each other and that is about it. They don't seem to be friends, like the only thing they do when they see each other in person is lock lips or smile awkwardly at each other. Also at winterball dinner, we all had our dates but in our group of 20 or so we still talked but no not them, they were in their own world smiling at each other. Now for prom she expects him to ask her in a grand way to her prom (her prom and his prom are on the same night - different schools) but in his mind he doesn't need to ask his because she's his gf and their going to her prom. She refuses to tell him what she wants and he's too clueless to know. Sigh, I don't know what to say except that I'm glad that Dylan and I are no where close to that.

Now for a relationship I look up to. My other friend and her boyfriend have been together for over 3 years. They have their cute couple moments but are also still fun and are still friends. I really hope to be in their position in 3 years.

I love Dylan. Yes I get mad at him, yes not ever moment is picture perfect but I've honestly never had someone who cared for me so much. And I just think we're fun. We still joke, we don't close off from friends and were still a "cute" couple. He even gets along with my bestie Joel. (They're playing some game together right now.) Speaking of which, I'm not the best gf (not even close) but unlike most girls who would frown on him gaming, I helped him download the game because his net was slow. I can tell him anything too. I guess its these small things that make me happy. I don't know, it's just been...great (:

Enough ranting...picture time!
Joel and I "working" on a project
he's playing a typing game and I'm playing robot unicorn attack
and eating
and playing mw2 with my brother
and more eating
Our keys!
this is why I don't do hats...
senioristis at its finest: Jason sleeping in the halls
Astra's: giant ring
it hailed so hard, it almost looked like snow
interesting cake Ashley gave me...tastes like maple
reminds me of the EE summer days, except of course back then we had to make the boards ourselves
he's so mean! I was sleeping :P
stretching out my jacket...
haha I think Sarah wanted to see the shirt on (:
my ring came (:
Angela was such a sassy child (we were going through her baby pics)
Astra, at her locker before she gave me brownies
my friends are interesting...
Angela seems disappointed in Jacky...
my friend thought I was sitting funny in APUSH, and yes I'm wearing Dylan's PJs at school
trying out the eye mask eki sent. haha I don't know why I made that face
updated my wall, even more pictures!