Saturday, March 13, 2010

prom talk; hair, ekiLove bracelet, video of asking dylan to prom, & etc.

So over the weekend I was bored and started messing with my hair. I think I'll end up wearing my hair like this for prom.As for Sr Prom Committee, I had my interview on Monday and I'm still waiting on the results. (:

Also I hope she doesn't get a bunch emails for this or something but I saw a bracelet on
eki's site and fell in love with it but it was out of stock and so I emailed her and she was able to make another one for me. I'm so happy about this I had to share the news with you all. I plan to wear it to prom (:
I can't seem to get the color to show up right.
extras: candy and eye masks! (her packaging was so cute!)
her cards are so cute too
and such a nice note
another picture of the bracelet

So since the prom that is coming up is junior prom, hence mine, I decided that I should ask Dylan (he'll get his chance in May for senior prom haha). I got a cake from Lucky's with my friend Kevin because Dylan knows I can't cook or bake haha and then my friend Saif helped me frost it. I decided to crash his English class so I talked to his teacher before to get the okay. I think things turned out interestingly. My friend Ellen filmed it and his friend Tony cut his computer programming class to watch haha.

Anyways, not all prom stories have happy endings. My friend Scotty was rejected and this is a direct quote from him: "
I had to eat a whole box of girl scout cookies and a pack of high chews to make myself feel better."

Also my friend Kevin walked through the pour rain to get cupcakes for another girl. I helped him frost them and then she hid behind another guy and shook her head no. I don't know if im brainwashed from having all guy friends but seeing all these girls reject guys is kind of annoying me. My friends put a lot of effort in and these girls are just shooting them all down. At this rate I honestly see all these girls going without dates. =TKevin soaked from his walk to get cupcakes
me frosting the cupcakes
they say: Jr Prom = *boy figure* + *girl figure*

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  1. awwwwwww!! so cute :D yay for prom! i miss high school dances, hahaha.

    love the eki bracelet, def thinking of getting one.. just need to save up D: where are my paychecks?