Monday, March 1, 2010

prom prom prom and a "wishlist"

I felt like blogging but didn't know what to blog about so yaknow...let's be a girl and talk about shopping! haha Actually two things were announced today.

Junior prom name and venue was released! "As Long as You're Mine" and it's at the San Francisco Design Center. Funny thing is, while I was toiling over my application for next year (Senior Prom) committee, I looked at this venue and kind of dissed it, but it's ok.

Secondly, I made the first cut Senior Prom Committee! Yay! There's 12 of us, we're going to have interviews next week then the final committee will be 9 people. My application got the highest score, I'm pretty happy (: But this means I'll have to work at this year's (my boyfriend's) senior prom ):

So last week I tried on some dresses...meh I'm still looking. Any suggested brands/stores/sites? (:
dresses I tried on, I liked the middle one the most but I haven't "fallen in love"

So Dylan says I'm hard to shop for. (Uhh there's a whole list over there haha) So to prove him wrong, I'm making a wishlist. Eassssy! I'm not saying I have to have everything on here. Just throwing things out there. But I do appreciate when he gets me cheesy things like Wellington haha. And yes its pretty much all jewelry haha.
In no particular order

Challenge is Dylan gets to figure out where these are from haha...


  1. ooooo the second dress looks super cute!

  2. I love your bling-filled wishlist! Have you found out yet whether you've made the Senior Prom Committee? I'm sure you did. =D

    P.S Thank you for joining my giveaway! I'm following your cute blog!!

  3. Hey girlie, how'd it go? :) I know what you mean about not knowing where to reply. I used to do it on my own blog but figured after wards it would be easier to just reply back on the person's blog...hehe. Glad you like the food porn! Happy Hump Day...