Saturday, March 13, 2010

relationship rant and pictures galore!

So Dylan wanted me to post because he likes reading about himself (conceited) even though he hasn't posted for even longer. (We have very different blog styles haha) I'm not too sure what to say about him at this point.

I just really think we're...perfect.

I'm about to criticize my friend and her relationship, not that I don't love her or that I dislike her boyfriend, they just don't work. He's clueless and she expects the world. They have no proper communication at all. They send flirty texts to each other and that is about it. They don't seem to be friends, like the only thing they do when they see each other in person is lock lips or smile awkwardly at each other. Also at winterball dinner, we all had our dates but in our group of 20 or so we still talked but no not them, they were in their own world smiling at each other. Now for prom she expects him to ask her in a grand way to her prom (her prom and his prom are on the same night - different schools) but in his mind he doesn't need to ask his because she's his gf and their going to her prom. She refuses to tell him what she wants and he's too clueless to know. Sigh, I don't know what to say except that I'm glad that Dylan and I are no where close to that.

Now for a relationship I look up to. My other friend and her boyfriend have been together for over 3 years. They have their cute couple moments but are also still fun and are still friends. I really hope to be in their position in 3 years.

I love Dylan. Yes I get mad at him, yes not ever moment is picture perfect but I've honestly never had someone who cared for me so much. And I just think we're fun. We still joke, we don't close off from friends and were still a "cute" couple. He even gets along with my bestie Joel. (They're playing some game together right now.) Speaking of which, I'm not the best gf (not even close) but unlike most girls who would frown on him gaming, I helped him download the game because his net was slow. I can tell him anything too. I guess its these small things that make me happy. I don't know, it's just been...great (:

Enough ranting...picture time!
Joel and I "working" on a project
he's playing a typing game and I'm playing robot unicorn attack
and eating
and playing mw2 with my brother
and more eating
Our keys!
this is why I don't do hats...
senioristis at its finest: Jason sleeping in the halls
Astra's: giant ring
it hailed so hard, it almost looked like snow
interesting cake Ashley gave me...tastes like maple
reminds me of the EE summer days, except of course back then we had to make the boards ourselves
he's so mean! I was sleeping :P
stretching out my jacket...
haha I think Sarah wanted to see the shirt on (:
my ring came (:
Angela was such a sassy child (we were going through her baby pics)
Astra, at her locker before she gave me brownies
my friends are interesting...
Angela seems disappointed in Jacky...
my friend thought I was sitting funny in APUSH, and yes I'm wearing Dylan's PJs at school
trying out the eye mask eki sent. haha I don't know why I made that face
updated my wall, even more pictures!

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  1. Love your ring, bracelet from Eki, and your prom 'do! =D