Wednesday, March 31, 2010

prom season; 'tis the season for spending!

Gosh Prom Season is driving me nutttts! So much planning to do and so much money flying around. Some of my guy friends actually legitly selling their pokemon cards in order to pay for prom. Tickets run $55-65. Then there's dinner. Then pictures. Tuxes/dress. Corsages/boutonnieres. Luckily Dylan owns a tux so he doesn't have to spend like $100 renting one, but speaking of clothes.

I love Thu, (secretlifeofabionerd) and she helped me out so much with my dress but we weren't sure if the dress would make it to me on time, SO I ended up ordering another dress from LuLu's and paying $18 for shipping to ensure it arrives in 3 days. -__-

my first dress. (order here)
the back up dress (order here)

Then gosh, most prom groups are like 10 people max, our dinner group is 30 (possibly 32) people and then there's 34 people in our group picture. I guess I brought this upon myself because I'm always planning things. Like I'm known for it, haha my OCD and planning skills are a gift and a curse. Like my friend Saif, whom you guys have seen in other posts, is not even in the junior class and he says he always hears things like "are you going to Vy's dinner?" and "are you in Vy's group?" Honestly, at 3am last night, some guy IMed me on AIM that I didn't even know and asked to be in our dinner.

I guess because I'm honestly pretty good at it. I found the closest restaurant to prom (Dylan helped me make the reservation, grazie amore), organized the picture so that the photographer won't faint when we show up, and even organized rides and our schedule down to the minute. Last night I had 13 IM windows open, microsoft word, facebook, google maps, and restaurant tabs open everywhere. I'm even organizing all my friends' rides. Sigh we'll see how things turn out.

Corsages and Boutonnieres! Dylan's so sweet, he suggested going old school and making them ourselves. Of course I picked the flowers because...I'm picky haha. Peach roses and white orchids. I think I was inspired by this corsage, but no in love with the shape, we'll see what Dylan makes...

Also! I have to thank Sarah (Moto Jewelry) for helping me with a custom order. I had this super vague idea of peaches/corals and lime green, and she was able to help put those lame ideas into two pairs of beautiful earrings. I must say, I love her style the most and she's such a sweet girl. Haha I will definitely be sending her something once her birthday rolls around. (Which I believe is a few days before mine if I remember correctly...haha) Check out her blog and jewelry (:

lime green: before
peaches/coral: before
lime green: final
peaches/corals: final

Lastly, on Thursday afterschool Dylan and I rushed to the physics do what? To check Cal admissions! Gosh I was shaking more than him. His whole family went there and of course if he went there, he'd only be a bart ride away (: So after some major shaking and checking all his emails because he forgot his ID...he got in! And of course I screamed and jumped (: I'm actually doing a summer program at Cal this summer...integrating myself! It was funny because then everyone was like "Oh you have to get into Cal next year!" Little do they know that I'm not even applying to Cal...haha (: So again, Congratulations to Dylan (:

He even got his hair re-done for prom (:


  1. Love your two dresses and the bling! :)

  2. i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee your first pick of a dress. SO CUTE! both of my prom dresses were pretty long... prom AND winterformal for senior year. idk, i just like flowy dresses <3

    hahah! i love the whole planning thing... that was TOTALLY my entire senior year. planning dances. for my senior prom, i printed out seriously 4-5 schedules and handed them out to everyone.. and by 4-5, i meant i made 3-4 changes :P and even printed the final schedule out on a themed paper -- since our prom was at the LB aquarium. tehehe! i just have so much fun planning that kind of thing. i don't think i could be a wedding or event planner for my JOB, but it's definitely fun to do it once in awhile. i just love being organized and having things go on time! i bet i'll have a blast whenever i get married :P

    and AWWWWW your posts are always SOO sweet <3 i LOVE working with you! your idea didn't seem so vague to me :P sometimes people email me and ask me for "green... and i don't know what style but i already have THIS style so.. not that. what do you think?" and i'm like.. AAHH! i have tons of examples on my blog! just link me ONE! hahaha.