Friday, April 2, 2010

a little blue box & mock prom?

So I have a confession to make...I lost my promise ring. It was too big for me so I would take it off everyday when I got home and somehow I lost it. Of course it was only like $10 from ebay but I still felt really bad and lost a whole night's sleep over it.

But Dylan is a sweet one so he went out and got me another ring that actually fit me (5.5, yeah I'm on the smaller side). I was grateful enough that he got me another ring (without getting mad) but this ring didn't come in a crushed box from ebay, instead it was in a little blue box. I don't like being a labelwhore but something about it being from Tiffany's made me that much happier (hey! I'm still just a girl haha). Thank you Dylan (:

Funny thing is, after he got home from visiting me, we were on Skype and his mom walked by and this happened:
Dylan: She's taunting me with her food. She has Costco pizza!
Dylan's mom: Yeah she also has a TiffCo ring.
I really couldn't help but laugh.

the box
and the ring I refuse to take off
Dylan suffocating poor Wellington
Of course the boys have to play mw2...and yes that's his phone in his mouth

So besides getting a new ring, my back up prom dress came (before my real one haha). I sorta "practiced for prom" just to see how things would turn out, so here are a few pics in bad lighting. (:the dress; needs to be ironed
shoes that cost more than my dress haha I won't be wearing those to prom though
hair curled, but no shoes haha
eyes done but no foundation/blush/lips because I was too lazy to take it all off at night

PS Congratulations to Dylan for getting into Brown (:


  1. Sorry to hear about your promise ring but it looks like you got a really nice replacement! :)

  2. oh em gee tiffany! hahaha i'd love to just get the BOX.. my bf laughed at me. this was when i was browsing for engagement/wedding rings.. just because i was bored.. hahahaa .__.;; anyway so i found a few i liked at benbridge (where we got OUR promise rings) and he told me to look for low-end tiffany's.. and i said.. well, i like these rings. why can't i get a higher end BB than a low end tiff? and he said "ooookay.. fine.." and i told him i just wanted the box... so he said he was going to get me a BB ring in a tiff box.. hahahaha!

    love your dress :) still hoping you can get your first choice but if not, you can always wear it ANY time.. it's so cute! love your hair (: hehee. i wish i did my prom hair differently.. but.. oh well. it's all good, still had fun!

  3. tehee! i wanted to tell you sooooooo bad, i thought he was being SO sweet! but he wanted to surprise you, so i was literally avoiding going to your page hahahaa. i was like, MUST. NOT. TELL!

    so glad you got it though! whew~! now i can tell somebody! tehehe.

  4. I love your dress!Looking very pretty :)