Saturday, April 17, 2010

jr prom professional pics & spirit week

I'm super hyper right now, just FYI. So it has been a lonnnnng week so excuse my typos please. Gosh, I slept like 2-3hrs every night but that's mostly my fault...procrastination, oh dear. And Sr Prom Committee is stressssssing me out. Anyways this week was spirit week and today cheered me up so let's go!

Prom pictures came today! I'm so happy, I'm loving my couple picture this time even more than winterball's :D (haha Sr Boat picture was awkwardssss) I can't wait to start trading with all my friends and expanding my picture wall (: And of course I must send copies to Sarah.

the scan made both of us look like we have black hair haha
grrr bangs ):

Also today was the class clash rally, each grade wore a different color. (freshmen - yellow, sophomores - green, JUNIORS - BLUE, and seniors - red) I did wear blue but I went to Dylan's house to play with his dog Bobby instead. It's been good weather and an interesting week.

his room is SO messy, gosh
such a cutie
he stole my folder!
my hair is getting long...

So after all that Dylan went out to his friend's birthday (still out haha) and Joel and Andrew and I watched Snakes on a Plane, well more like they watched it and I cried in fear... Then we watched Hot Tub Time was really funny but one of those stupid guy stoner funny movies...I like those!

They left about an hour ago or so and I had the most interesting conversation with my friend Jacky tonight, he's quite...something. I'm just rambling now, APs coming up but I have no homework this weekend so I'm going to cut 140 wallet pictures (for the prom group picture haha). Well I'm off (: Sorry for my ADD in this post, I leave you with pictures from spirit week.

Joel & I; besties for twin day
Nancy & I; sports day...I REALLY want a Stephen Curry jersey (:
being silly with Sol
Wade & Kobe? Def Wade (:

Oh right! Warriors season is over, we won our last game and it was super dramatic. Bittersweet, glad we won but now what do I watch? Oh and Dylan better post soon. Or else (:

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  1. hehee, i got a shout out :)

    what cute pics! man, i miss high school :P though i never did the "twin day".. i think we only had that in middle school.. oh, i have no idea. it seems like such a long time ago! enjoy it while it's still there :P