Thursday, April 8, 2010

moto jewelry, prom, and updates (:

Ah gosh! I'm so excited to write this post. I was smiling ALL day. So I recently received my order from Moto Jewelry of my earrings. And they are gorgeous! I heart them (and Sarah!) Her style is like cluster bracelets...but for your ears! haha

So after I got them I saw that she posted a new bracelet (Into the Ocean) and I had never even liked starfish charms before but gosh this bracelet, I fell head over heels for it! The color and the beads and gosh wow yeah... So I showed Dylan the link just because. He's more interesting in clothes and jewelry than most guys so yeah.

About the next day or so, the bracelet was SOLD! And gosh I was sad ): and I would go back to the post just to look at the pictures haha. I'm so lame.

Then today out of no where Dylan said he had a surprise for me and... he pulled out the bracelet! I was ecstatic, I couldn't stop (and still can't) smiling the whole day. Thank you Dylan (:

my total collection of moto jewelry

I have horrid lighting, but my beloved bracelet (:

So now I'll just upload some random pictures since I haven't updated in a while and I like to give glimpses into my life.
silly faces and neutrals
more neutrals! I don't wear a lot of bright colors (thats Dylans dept haha)
I called Dylan a cutie and he said but I'm not a tangerine or from Costco!
OMG I LOVE these egg tarts. YUMYUM
Dylan once again just making himself at home -__-

Also, JR Prom is in a day!!! Tomorrow is food day at school then Saturday is prom and....MY DRESS ARRIVED! I've been playing prom fairy for my friends and now it's time for it to all fall into place. Our group picture is going to be 36 people times $9 = like $324! Well I'll post more about prom after it happens, I've slept like 2-3 hours every night this week so I'm going to stop here.
PS I love comments (:
the dress & shoes! I'll curl my hair for prom and probably do a simple eye look


  1. How sweet of him to get you the bracelet! =D Your earrings are gorgeous. Great OOTDs...have FUN at prom!!!!!!!!!!

  2. YAYYY YOUR DRESS CAME!! it looks soooo good on you :) tehehe.

    HEHEEHEE, dylan is super sneaky! you guys are just too cute together (: