Friday, June 25, 2010

shopping fun! (pics :D)

So with barely a few days left before I leave, I took a trip down to Great Mall in Milpitas with my brother, my friend Angela, and of course Dylan. We honestly didn't buy anything from the mall but had a great time anyways. We took those silly Asian pics, tried on DRAMATIC dresses, and just had a good time in general.
Later we had dinner at Sizzlers out in Daly City and wandered Target at like 11pm. Did you know they have a full sized Starbucks inside and groceries now? So finally at target we bought a few things (mostly for our trips) and also my f21 order came and Dylan gave it to me today so I have a bit of a haul. Today was really fun (:
On a random note, I feel so old! Guess what I got in the mail today? A letter for me to take my Senior Portraits...gasp.
haha I love these
needs bigger boobs?
just a good time
Angela and her flowers at H&M
a HUGE dress
haha interesting dresses
prom next year?
super sparkle-y hat
we wondered why they gave mannequins nipples...
we killed our Coldstones
decorating pics
haha he got covered in fur
I took all of those...
dinner at Sizzlers
I love Boots Botanics
penguin shampoo
my brother got so tall...
Starbucks in Target? :O

so I wanted to try these (+ I'm out of shampoo haha) and they were marked down to $3 each (I love you target). Oh and they smell like APPLE CIDER! haha
finally got more of my toner/cotton pads and I decided to try the clay mask; you see ALL your pores and oil...gross but kinda interesting haha
I have 2 of the giant bottles but I got the small one today to bring to Berkeley
gold sandals and a "glasses necklace"
loose coral top
a shirt/sweater? it's rather thin...good for summer
just white shorts for summer

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

packing; e x c i t e m e n t!

So I've decided to take a break from the letter challenge because I'm simply running out of time! Gosh I'll be leaving in 4 days? And I won't be back until Aug 1st. I'll be at Berkeley from June 27th to July 24th and then I'll be back for a few days and then I'm leaving again from July 29th to Aug 1st for a scholarship reunion/seminar in Baltimore.

As promised, I'm posting my own version of the packing list. (Although I'll be heading down to Great Mall with my friend Angela to do some last minute shopping on Thursday and I'm also waiting for an f21 order via Dylan --thanks Pengda haha)

Anyways, on to the packing list!
8 casual shirts
8 tank tops
- a few to layer & a few that I can wear on their own
4 pairs of shorts
-white, black, cream, and denim
3 pairs jeans
-dark, medium, and black
3 dresses
-I tried to pick ones I can wear during the day and night
2 hoodies
-gray & white
4 light sweaters
-white, tan, black, & gray (neutrals so that they can go with any of my shirts)
1 bathing suit
-6 t-shirts
-5 shorts
-long PJ pants (stolen from Dylan haha)
-school sweatpants

1 pair of Converse
-gray goes with everything...
1 pair of flip flops
-again, gray
-cheaaaap haha I get the like $5 ones from Old Navy, they might be cheaper actually
- I usually double these as shower shoes
2 pairs of heels
2 pairs of sandals
Socks/Undergramets etc haha

Other/"Room Supplies"
4-6 bath towels/face towels
-usually I pack less but since this time I'm just driving across a bridge, might as well enjoy fresh towels everyday
laundry basket
-I usually would bring a bag if I was flying
laundry detergent
-I suggest powder if you're flying to save on some weight
water bottle
1 clutch/1 bag
cell phone/charger
-I would suggest remembering to bring your transfer cable as well if you want to upload to your laptop while away but my laptop has a slot thingy for my memory card. (:
laptop/charger/Ethernet cable
various school supplies
-i.e. pens, pencils, paper...
stuffed animals
-Panda, Wellington, and Bwue all get to come haha
-over the past couple of years, I've learned these are very important to have in the dorm
shampoo/conditioner/body wash/toothpaste/toothbrush/deodorant
-plastic cup! gotta rinse your mouth somehow...
-you get bored and hungry between meals! haha
a couple of hairties/a brush
hairdryer/straightener/curling iron
and that whole wall of pictures? it's coming with me too
as for beauty....

literally everything poured out
waterproof mascara to seal and just a night/day quad if I ever want to wear eye shadow
eyebrow pencil and various colored eyeliners for summer + of course black haha
tried to cut back but...yeah
base make up and tools..hmm I should throw my tweezers in there
and it all fits in here (finger for size comparison)
looks small but it can fit my binders
stack of sweaters
everything (except the dresses on the other side)
belt and scarf

Friday, June 18, 2010

day four - my sibling

june 18th; day 4 - letter to my sibling

Dear Ty,
Yeah I'm addressing you as Ty because I've probably called you Viet less than five times in our lives. I guess some other people (actually most people) would say their siblings are annoying or something but nope, you and me, we get along just fine. I think we've always been close, but it got really good when you got to middle school.
I remember the days of you and me wandering Great Mall and me picking out your clothes at Abercrombie (oh gosh, what were we thinking?). I think that's when we first clicked. Now I'd say we're pretty good friends and I don't mind a whole day of Harry Potter and Call of Duty with you. (Hey I'm up to like 14 kills! :D) I also enjoy our nights of you helping me pick out clothes and stuff, even if the girly stuff annoys you sometimes.
You're probably the person I miss the most every summer when I go away and I'm sorry that I'm missing your birthday for the 4th year in a row, but I'll for sure be here for it next year. I can't believe in little over a year from now I'll be leaving you here all alone but don't worry, you can Skype with the cardboard cutout of me in my dorm room. I love you little one, even though you're taller now.
PS I'm glad you get along with Dylan and Joel haha.
wonderful foods co.
some random Chinese buffet
the holidays at yet another Asian buffet
accidental matching
gaming with Joel
more gaming with Dylan
I believe you guys were talking about football or something
curse you for being tall
every post needs a car picture ? haha idk