Monday, June 7, 2010

i hate verizon >:| and packing!

So I mentioned this a few hours ago in my last post but OMG I HATE HATE HATE VERIZON. Grrrr very angry Vy. I guess I should explain in detail what happened. So yesterday, for no reason, Dylan's phone stopped being able to receive texts and lets just say him and I are very text heavy. (We'd both die without unlimited texting)

I guess any other day this would bother me but it wouldn't kill me, however, Dylan is at calso until tomorrow evening and not being able to talk to him all day is driving me insane...

In conclusion, I am very unhappy with you Verizon. >:P

On a slightly happier note, I've decided to start sorting my closet for what I want to pack...
I think the ASA provided list is hilarious because I've become pro at packing over the past 11 years. I probably know FAA regulations better than most FAA agents and better know what to pack for dorm life than most college students.

Anyways, here is the suggested list:
8-10 t-shirts & casual shirts
6 pairs shorts/casual skirts
3-4 pairs jeans/casual pants
Comfortable shoes/sandals
Tennis shoes/sneakers
2-3 dressier outfits (for a dinner out, final dance)
2 Sweatshirts/sweaters
Alarm clock
Bathing suit(s) & sun block
Sports equipment
A large beach towel
2 Bath towels
Photos of friends & family
Decorations for your room
Water bottle
Laundry bag
Musical instrument(s)
Shower shoes

Perhaps I'll post my own list sometime later. (:

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  1. jeez haha that's a lot to pack!

    jeez, i want to see your edited list VS this one you just posted :P