Tuesday, June 15, 2010

day one - best friend

So I've decided to do this 30 day letter challenge thing because of Dylan's friend Mick. I think it's mostly a tumblr thing but yaknow, I don't want to move from blogspot haha. Okay, I'll start now and I hope I remember to do this everyday.

june 15th; day 1 - letter to my best friend

Dear Best Friend(s),
I remember a time in elementary school and maybe even middle school when I could distinctly point out one girl (because boys had cooties, obviously) and call her my best friend. These days, it's more like a barely distinct blob, but I'll try and write to all of you because really, where would I be without you all? I love you and you're still a bestie even if I don't mention you here.
Wendy and Brianna! I love you girls, we've been besties since our bopper middle school days with our matching lace camisoles and pokadot dresses. Where the heck have you been though? Like really ): June 25th is coming around again and we need to meet up for the usual dinner. Oh and Brianna, you still owe me my clothes :P you've had them since last July!
Joel Lee! You and me = gossipqueens and arena buddies. We would be the kids the go the wrong way in arena...I can't believe we've already had 2 years of english together and we're in for another year! Even though you used to think I was an intimating texting bitch and I thought you were a lame nerd, we've gotten close and we better make this last summer and year hella legit. Then again, we can go to SB together and you can crash on my couch when we're older. Call Lui to bail you out of jail though.

Speaking of Lui, you're the most interesting friend I have. You're fun to talk to because you overreact to everything but at the same time you have really deep thoughts and stuffs. Yeah haha. I also think it's hella legit that you're a boy scout and 5'11" haha. :D

There are obviously many more of you but I'd say my last two besties are Stanley and Marvin. I group you two together because you're opposites yet similar. Haha you're both way better than me at tennis, you're both great to talk to, but Stanley, you're my go to guy for fashion advice, yet Marvin, you always ask me because you're color blind. (still love you though Marvin, I'll get you a Marvin sized cardigan soon haha). Oh and one more similarity...well not really, but you live like around the corner from each other haha.
I love all of you. Like really. Gosh, such horrid writting, Galang and Arber are gonna kill me.

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  1. what is this letter thing you're talking about? def sounds interesting :D