Sunday, June 13, 2010

sr prom pictures, redyed hair, and summer nights

Yay! My summer has officially reallllly started now. Even though school ended a week ago, I still had SATIIs and ACTs, but that's over now. But to relive it one last time, I'll tell the tale of my worst testing experience EVER.

So I got to the high school at around 7:45am (I was supposed to be there at 8am) and was painstaking slowly assigned to a room. Once I got into the room, it was literally 97 degrees (no AC) and I sat there until 9:17am when a proctor finally showed up (we were totally unsupervised for the first hour). Then the proctor missed reading half the instructions and we had to keep reminding her that we needed to fill in this and sign that and etc... The whole time I was just thinking "omg it's so hot, can I leave?"

And on a last academic note, I got my report card this morning and...4.8! I feel like I'm such a bragger but I'm pretty proud of myself. Of course Dylan did better but he doesn't want me to post it but we'll leave it at he did better than me even with "senioritis."

Oh also on Friday I re-dyed my hair. This time I used a box dye from Walgreens for the first time (I usually go get it down professionally). I used two boxes of Revlon ColorSilk in 33 (Dark Rich Brown or something). I like how it turned out. :D

On a last note, I spend yesterday with some of my baby cousins (omg they are adorable) and my older cousin once removed, Duke. I spent my night answering questions about colleges and such as well as being convinced by Duke to apply to Davis because they have the 4th best college food in the US haha. Of course eventually Duke and I ran away to get BK at 1am (McDs was closed). Overall a good night.

Sr Prom <3
before and after
it's the men that take care of the kids...
Popsicle time!
my brother, me, and Duke
BK in heels? haha
oh yeah, very attractive at 1am


  1. Hehe those prom photos are sooo cute!!

  2. love the photo of you two :D so dressed up at BK! haha!

    and i love your new hair color as well! how fun~

  3. not to mention 4.8?! damn girl! <3 <3 congrats!