Monday, June 7, 2010

summer is here (:

So Junior year is now officially over and I guess technically after the graduation of the c/o 2010 today, I am a senior. Wow. I know that is still very young compared to a lot of my blogger friends who are in/done with college, but it is definitely surreal to me. Like gosh it hasn't hit me that I'm a high school senior. To be honest, I never thought of what it would feel like to get here because when I was in elementary and middle school, high schoolers in general seemed so different and distant, not to mention seniors, but now I'm here.

Haha so enough with my little shock. What has happened since prom? Nothing really. I missed Dylan's graduation due both sickness and my parents wanting me to study for SAT IIs. (Bleh!) But my friends did go and scream their hearts out for him which I think is adorable and really appreciate.
Scott, Marvin, Joel, and of course my graduate Dylan (:

When I say nothing has happened, I mean it almost literally. For the past week, Dylan and I have spent the days playing with Bobby, eating IHOP, and is just lounging around his house. Haha not that I mind. (:
aww Bobby (:
my blueberry pancake stackers with cheesecake filling
our giant IHOP stack...
Dylan sleeping with Bobby and mini-panda

Bleh so SAT IIs, they were...interesting. Physics was pretty easy to be honest, after taking Physics-C, this test was...a walk in the park. However, Literature was rape. Oh my gosh, every sentence was like "wait what?" and every question made my brain hurt. So much for AP English...haha but I'm glad it's over. I only have ACT next Saturday left...

So last night my brother and I (and Dylan sort of haha) helped me pick out the dresses I want to pack with me to ASA. I forget if I've mentioned this before but this summer I'm doing a program at Berkeley for Econ and Photography. I love these types of programs, I've gone to one every summer since 2005. From Stanford to Loyola Marymount to Johns Hopkins to Northwestern to Skidmore, I've always enjoyed the dorm life. Guess I'll enjoy college eh? haha So this year I picked Berkeley not because I'm particularly found of it, but more because it is close and Dylan can visit plus it gets brownie points for being my boyfriends future school haha. Actually he is there now for calso, one more day without him. (Verizon is bugging out so his phone can't even receive my texts)

But things are alright, I managed to get out today (after sleeping in til almost 2pm) to play some tennis with the usuals. Funny thing is, Dylan will never get to see me play because I'm soooo bad and he was (wow past tense, feels odd now that he's graduated) on the team. So we didn't really count who won and what not, it was just for fun anyways but I must say that it was hilarious that Joel and Chris were so much taller than Marvin and I. What's the healthy thing to do after burning calories? Feast on In-n-Out of course. I wish I had brought my camera to take a picture of the massive amount we ordered. ):

Anyways, I'm pretty tired now so I'm going to play Harry Potter 6 with my brother now haha. Night.


  1. tennissssss! haha <3

    wow those pancakes def sound interesting~

    believe meeeee, your college years will FLY by. not to mention how fast your senior year goes :P

  2. Haha IHOP stack! Aw cute photo of errbody sleeping.