Monday, May 31, 2010

dylan's sr prom: la vie en rose [pic heavy]

So last night was Dylan's Sr Prom and with all of it's ups and downs, the night was still pretty amazing.

We met at around 5 at the venue (the Julia Morgan Ballroom @ the Merchants' Exchange) for pre-shoot pictures. Let's just say our pose was, cute. You'll see soon when we get the prints. Of course there was much of the typical "OMG you look so good *pictures*," so after about half an hr we made it out of the venue and headed to dinner.

On our walk we ran into Dylan's friend, Mick, almost literally. And then we finally made it to our restaurant, it's located in this cutty looking alleyway but inside it's gorgeous and quite...fancy for a lack of a better word. (BIX) The food was great. We ordered mini lamb burgers as a starter; it was actually my first time trying lamb and to be honest I couldn't really tell haha. The best part was the lobster pasta in lobster cream sauce. Dylan and I split it and I'm glad we did, it was sooooo rich, I would have never finished the whole thing. The lobster was done just right and gosh was it filling.

After devouring our dinner, we walked 2 blocks back towards the venue when we realized we forgot a bag so Dylan went back as I walked slowly behind him. We made it back to the venue about 30mins early and of course there was more of the "OMG you look so good *pictures*."

We finally made it upstairs, the ballroom was on the 15th floor and we were only allowed to have 8 people in an elevator, and had time to take photobooth pics and explore a bit. As usual, there were chocolate fountains and shirley temples. The venue was pretty nice but a bit small.

A few downers of the night was the fact that I lost my panda charm on my camera ): And also this guy stepped on my foot and then instead of apologizing, he denies it. I don't think many have seen this side of me but I pretty much scared the kid into hiding from me the rest of the night.

Besides that the night was incredible and I will definitely miss all my seniors. (:
Overall I had a great night, thanks for asking me Mister Pengda (:

I'm only including pictures of people I know, I did take a bunch more of Dylan and his friends but if you want to see those, they're on my facebook.
with Nick and Angela, just like our jr prom picture (I put this one first so that it would show up with my post haha)
our pre-prom healthy
hmm maybe we should get ready for prom now...
the exchange (:
lots of struggling
Shirley (:
I feel so tall (:
even her phone matched her
typical girl prom pose
running into Mick
my pengda is so cute
fixing the corsage
this one didn't fall apart
my pengda said I was pretty (:
mister poof
missus poof
such fancy sparkling water
the restaurant
mini lamb burgers
lobster pasta, he picked out the tomatoes, so cute
us at dinner
outside the restaurant
I love my city
auto-timer (:
Astra, before she went to work coatcheck
the cousins (:
the venue
they're such a good couple
Finnian, a genius...really haha
I like Stanton's vest
haha silly
random guy in the corner
Andrew; the E&M genius
portable size Dylan
Dylan & Nick
KJ and I; juniorrrrs (:
Edmund and I
Italian class buddies
riding up to the 15th floor
haha I caught the chocolate fountain lady at a bad time...
the venue
more of the venue
Dylan and his Calculus teacher
beautiful roses
photobooth pics!
table setting
the view from the window
he's such a kid
huh? haha
even more of the venue
drinks galore
Dylan and Tom
Thurston and Dylan
Sol and I in our neutrals haha
Saif and I; I picked the tie
I looks super squinty
Dylan and Saif
haha classy water?
Say what?
Ellen and I (:
Julia and Ellen
Dylan and his old Physics teacher
Royce and Eric
Aw they're too cute
Brian and Dylan
Be the Crown - Miss Congeniality
with my favorite couple
Dylan and Mr. Fong
haha no one told Dylan it was a silly pic
Jason and I
they matched so well
Cindy looks might awkward
Bryant looks even more awkward
Junji, always helping us pass things in physics class
Stuart is so tall
Dylan and Mr. Spellicy
Mr. Gribler and I; my Calculus teacher
very attractive haha
cell phone addicts
he is too cute
the party favor; its a towel haha


  1. You look stunning!!! That dress was made for you girl, so elegant and just amazing! <33

  2. ssoooo many pics! hahaha i love it though. you look gorgeous! i'm majorly jealous of your dress :P