Wednesday, May 26, 2010

walgreens haul & done with jr year?

So today I took my only two finals (Italian and College and Career). To be honest, both were a joke haha I didn't study for either. For the rest of my finals...we aren't having any but I still have to show up so we're mostly watching movies. Tomorrow I start school at 10:30 and then we'll play ultimate and watch the hangover. Sr Prom is this weekend, graduation next week and we're done (:

So to celebrate the ending of my supposed most important (academically at least) year, I went a bit crazy at Walgreens...
I also picked up my mom her Lancome cream (I use drugstore stuff and her cream is like $80 haha) so she let me keep the free gifts. (:

the goods:
-4 covergirl liquiline eyeliners in black, purple, blue, and lime green
-revlon creme gloss in peachy sheen
-revlon photoready foundation in cool biege (I wanted golden biege but they were out)
-revlon super lustrous lip stick in just enough buff
-revlon eyelash curler (mom stole my shu uemura)
-rimmel moisture renew lip sticks in summer angel and coral shimmer
-eos lip balm in summer fruit (smells like lychee or those asian flower candies)
-various lancome samples (eye shadow quad, lip stick, and mascara)

lancome's provocative lip stick; such an intense color

my italian final, told you it was a joke haha

PS In a few hours it will be my 8 month anniversary (: I love you Dylan.