Sunday, May 23, 2010

randomness; mostly prom talk

Just a very quick post, I sort of figured out my prom hair for next Sunday. Cheesy but I chose to try and imitate Taylor Swift's hair in Love Story haha.
Oh and more prom talk! Dylan and I had originally planned to eat at a restaurant called Perbacco for prom dinner but it is closed on Sunday. Then we tried Chiaroscuro; closed on Sunday. After searching Yelp for about 2 hrs, we've decided on BIX. Lobster pasta, here I come (:

I'm also looking for a prom picture pose because Dylan and I have never done and never will do the typical pose (stand next to each other, his arm around me, his other hand in his pocket, and my hand on my hip or on his tie) because it's so...overused haha.

One last prom thing, I've resigned from Sr Prom Committee (or rather I was forced to). I won't go into detail but it was REALLY sad ):

On a happy note, I really like this picture I found of Dylan from the talent show (:


  1. oo lala! he's so talented :P

    LOVE your hair!! i wish i had enough patience and talent to do my own hair, hahaha. i'm waaay too lazy. i can't even figure out how to curl it nicely, go figure.

  2. 0hN0!! wHad` h@pP3nn`d ahd d@ pr0m k0mMiitTe3? wHy wUH$ iit`d $00 $ad?? ;(

    BTw, ii L0V3 r3adDiin` yo bloq!