Friday, May 21, 2010

sunny sf weather and a generally positive post (:

Haha I guess it may become a weekly thing of posting days out with Dylan but it happened that this Friday we had another free day. Well today we basically had to sign into one class and then I hungout in the Italian room for about 30mins because Branzy brought her dog (Cosette). That was basically my day at school. Ironically, for an extreme academic school, we have no bells and an over all very random and free schedule so we do get these occasional days when we have almost no class. (:

Okay, so after we went to school for 30 minutes, we went back to Dylan's house, went to the IHOP near by and hungout with Bobby.

Besides today, I have a few other updates. My last prom dress arrived! I also got my ticket today, poo you guest price! Haha even though Dylan and I go to the same school, when we went to each other's proms, we had to pay guest price because he isn't a junior and I'm not a senior.
On to the pictures! (:
my sr prom dress for this year (wearing my jr prom shoes bc Dylan took my new shoes to go get a matching vest)
prom shoes!
Dylan brought me my red velvet cuppycakes!
I was late yesterday and tied up my hair and let it airdry, looked curled! haha
this year's yearbook
mmm crepe (:
Sol and Cosette
Cosette! Sedute!
Dylan and his siblings, I think his sister is pretty, Dylan is the middle child if you couldn't tell
haha such a kid
I got hungry while we waited for food...
Dylan is a big fan of lemonade, me...not so much
I got hot chocolate (:
Stuffed French Toast
enjoying the sun
Bobby looks majestic and I look asleep
looking for seagulls...
he calls them sockies...
such a cutie, he can stay there for hours watching the street
more car pictures!

prom invite and ticket (:
the inside

By the way! I REALLY want to see Easy A.


  1. Mmmmm the food looks delicious! You look soooo pretty in that dress, I love it!! <3 It looks very soft and feminine~

  2. how fun! i love the food shots :D and i LOVE your dress!!