Monday, May 17, 2010

cupcakes cupcakes cupcakes!

So I don't think I've mentioned this before but I LOVE cupcakes. I'd rather have a cupcake than a slice of cake any day. I guess they just seem so cute and dainty with their fluffy clouds of frosting and little wrappers.

Most of my friends know of my slight obsession with the little morsels so they link me to all sorts of places (some not even in San Francisco). So I thought I'd share my collection of links, I hope to try all of these places some day (I've already tried some haha)

By the way, my favorite flavor which I get 98% of the time is Red Velvet. YUM (: What's yours? Any places you'd recommend?

-that takes the cake
-cups and cake bakery
-kara's cupcakes
-sibby's cupcakery
-magnolia bakery
-sugar sweet sunshine

PS Sarah of Moto Jewelry mentioned a possible Red Velvet cluster bracelet, I'm very excited to see that haha.
stolen from Moto Jewelry's blog


  1. Omg, yes yes yes on the Red Velvet!! It's my fave too. :D

  2. teheheh :D

    i'm OBSESSED with red velvet cupcakes as well.. just.. so delicious....