Sunday, May 16, 2010

post-AP updates and prom dresses galore!

Ah gosh! I've gone MIA again. But I have a legit excuse this time! APs have been killer. The past 2-3 weeks have been...intense to say the least but the good news is this weekend has been amazing. I had Friday off so Dylan and I took a trip downtown. (Of course this was after we spent some time with my love Bobby haha)

from the holidays to the summer, I still love Union Square
he is so adorable, Bobby that is haha
haha maybe I'll get him a birthday present
penguin pants!
haha primping with mister pengda
I think he's cute
I had a little visitor while drying my hair (:
the bus was empty...until we hit Chinatown
camerawhoring on the escalator
sniffing me?
LOVED the movie, made me cry
it's kind of a tradition of ours
ironically he matched a Twilight book (we greatly dislike the series)
creeper picture with the cowboy
he makes my life a romance novel
I love this one (:
I love my city
camerawhoring at union square
we've been to the cheesecake factory...let's go to the burger bar!
autotimer (:
my favorite restaurant
we ALWAYS get calamari
pengda and his pizza
we still have fun at serious places
my taglietelle
post our linner
Scala's ceiling

So I forgot to mention that Dylan had a surprise waiting for me at Scala's. He had planned for his two friends to be there (too bad I didn't get a picture of them) with a huge poster that was supposed to say My Love, Vy in Italian but...his grammar was off haha but it's ok. Then he had a stuffed (fat) panda and a note with a picture of Bobby asking me to prom, I love him (:

the poster (:
SF Westfield is quite pretty
yes, the panda comes with the bamboo (I named him Panda haha)
quick OFTD
I love this picture
I'm not a baseball person, never
so cute, hanging out at Panera
haha we met up with people as they got back from Great America, Julia got burnt ):

So over the past few days I've tried on a millllllion dresses (some with Dylan and some at Great Mall). I also picked up a few other things today.
a size too big
I bought this even though I already have a dress for this year's Sr Prom
not a fan haha
also not a fan of this
haha the first colored dress I've tried since freshman year but too typical
ehhh not a fan
I bought this to wear to Dylan's graduation
looked cute, but not on me
haha all my bags were pink today
I bought Dylan a panda too!
haha I also got a panda couple charm
my picture wall is huge! I'm still missing a few from friends and 4 more dances to go. Oh and I still have to send a few copies to Sarah...


  1. Aww this post is soooo cute!! :] All the best wishes to you two.

  2. omg panda charm :D :D so cute!

    love the dresses you bought!! <3 <3 <3