Thursday, May 6, 2010

oh dear, AP season

Yesterday I officially started the beginning of the end of my AP season. Yes, it's a season, at least to me. The prep time, reviews, and test themselves take up about 2months of my life each year and so the stress and emphasis put on them is incredible.

As I've said before, I attend an academically inclined high school; everyone takes APs, okay I exaggerate a bit, but I'm not exaggerating when I say that 85% of the school does. Taking APs, in fact taking more than one, is the norm. I'm personally taking 5 exams which is a bit more than average and of course Dylan is insanely taking 9. Actually, he is taking his Lit & Comp exam as I blog, yeah I'm blogging from school haha. The center of our attention these past few weeks has been the AP board, a board in the middle of our first floor hallway literally covered with names for each student taking each exam, let me tell you, it's a big board.

So now that I've set the mood, haha, I'll get back to my point. Yesterday Dylan and I, along with about 350 other students at our school (and 3 random Woodside kids...) lined up and sat down to take the AB and BC Calculus exam, he in BC and I in AB. Nothing struck me until I sat down and looked around me, a school gym filled with rows and rows of identical desks which my friend Stanley refered to as a Nazi Germany setup. Then it hit me, today, over 250,000 students arond the world are going to sit down and take this very test and each of us were individuals but when we walked in the door and signed the test packet, we agreed to be nothing more than a number. Just a code. Just a score. A bit depressing and dehumanizing almost.

Of course after I got over my realization, the test. Technically I can't discuss it, so all I will say is that it was tiring. After the test, I felt so dead and scatter-brained. Luckly I was already in my sweatpants and just went to Dylan's house to sleep afterwards.

My life has been relatively boring these days; go to school, take APs, go to review sessions, go home and review, sleep, repeat. One down, four to go.


  1. jeeeeeeeez, the two of you sound NUTS. the max number of AP's i had the option of taking (in terms of how many AP classes i took) was.. er.. 4? i forget. but then again, hey, i ended up at an art school, haha.


  2. I found your blog!!! :)
    good schpiel, i totally know where you're coming from. i kind of want to take an ap test in the gym just to see what it's like! i tested in the rotc room for apush.

  3. um i have no idea! eheheheh for some reason i check the roster for what room i'm in the day of the ap exam. it doesn't occur to me to do things beforehand -_-