Saturday, May 1, 2010

ugh APs and yay post-AP plans

Ugh welcome to AP Season; the 3-4 weeks of my life in which I live in sweatpants and consume 39482304283 calories a day. Seriously, studying makes me eat, its horrible. Eat in every class, eat during afterschool review sessions, eat late into the night as I study.

I have 5 exams this year but I'm not really going to study for the Lang&Comp exam...I mean what is there to study? Haha besides that I've split a notebook into 3 parts (CalcAB, APUSH, and PhysicsC). Sounds like I've been a good student right? Not really, haha I'm here blogging instead. However I have gone to a couple of review sessions and "studied" during CSTs (state tests that are such a joke and everyone finishes in 20-30minutes).

So what is there to blog about? Nothing really, my life has been eat, sleep, study, eat, eat, eat. However I have ordered my dress for Dylan's Sr Prom and am currently on the hunt for thin-strappy gold heels that wrap up around my shin.

To be honest I really want APs to be over because all of the plans I have for postAP celebrating.
May 14th - a whole day with Dylan (:
I'm really looking forward to this because Dylan has 9 exams and I have 5 and they're at different times so even during the rare times he isn't taking an exam in the next two weeks, I'll be taking one. =T
We have a really fun day planned though. I want to try this selfserve tapioca place, TeaWay, then we'll hangout with Bobby (gosh I love him), have lunch at Scala's (my favorite), and see Letters to Juliet.

May 15th - Jr Dinner
Haha so it's not an official junior class dinner but a bunch of friends and I are going out for steak. It all started with a craving my friend Marvin and I had a week ago or so and now it's become a "let's celebrate the end of APs" dinner. I believe Dylan is going out to celebrate with his friends that night too.

May 16th - shopping
After not much shopping for the past few months, my mom wants to go down to Great Mall, I'm actually really excited. (:

May 21st - Kermesse
Food day at school! :D

May 30th - Sr Prom
Yeah I'm not a senior and I should be working coat check for committee BUT, I care about Dylan more so...yeah (: I even have 3 picture poses in mind (Dylan and I never do the typical set one)

the dress I ordered

June 3rd - Graduation
A bitter sweet day. Because of my "advanced" classes, I've had classes with the current seniors since they were juniors and I was sophomore so I do feel attached to them and of course it's also Dylan's graduation day. As happy as I am to see everyone move on, I'll miss them too. On a funnier note, each senior gets 4-8 bids (tickets) for graduation and Dylan needs like 20 -__- so my friend Saif is providing bids for my friends and I, I'm also trying to gather extra bids for Dylan.

June 4th - last day of school!
Official end of my Jr Year, of course nothing really matters after APs so this isn't a big day.

June 5th - SATII
Ugh is anyone else upset that I'm the last class to have to take these? -__- I'm taking the Lit. and Physics tests.

June 15th - ACT
Yay! I get to retake them...last time I got a 35 but I'm aiming for a 36 this time.

June 27th - July 24th
I'm doing a pre-college program at Berkeley (yes, so that Dylan can visit me) and it should be a lot of fun, I'm taking Intro to Econ and Photography.

July 29th - August 1st
Scholarship reunion trip in Baltimore! (Johns Hopkins University)

August 16th - First day of Senior Year

Haha so that is basically my life for the next 4 months, wow time flies but for now I'll update with some pictures.

Angela is adorable and Scott is such a nerd
My loves
we've come pretty far since the first time we held hands
awww Bobby (:
Wonderful Foods Co. in SF, my favorite since I was 4 (:
haha just a funny picture, I pick the cucumbers out of my California rolls
a little too happy...
man love during the APUSH review
craving some steak...
120+ kids at the APUSH review
hmm I need a haircut/redye before prom
the best part of having a boyfriend? him bringing you in-n-out for lunch (:
shopping for our apush review foods...
junkfood galore
Brian should bartend in the future
Brian and I stretching
My ekiLove bracelet on the school paper, it looked so nice in the sun (:
napping pengda (:

Now back to studying for APUSH ):

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  1. ekilove! LOVEE! hahaha. *cheesy*

    it was bittersweet with my senior friends graduating as well :( bittersweet leaving my junior friends as well when *i* graduated! ah, it's a long process of bittersweet, haha.

    LOVE your dress!! post pics of you wearing it <3