Monday, May 24, 2010

fragrances galore

I'm on a roll! Actually I was watching pinkiecharm's perfume overview and felt like doing this. I actually LOVE fragrances over all other "beauty" products but I haven't really splurged on anything. I'll ad a few wishlist items at the end (:
fresh Sugar Lemon and Sugar Lychee. These are definitely two of my more expensive fragrances at about $32 for 30ml. I got both of these in Vegas but they're at pretty much every Sephora (and online). I can't choose a favorite between these but I do associate an amazing karaoke night with the Lychee. As for their actual smells, the Lemon smells like Sprite (no lie, my brother agrees) and the Lychee is sweet but a bit spicier than the typical lychee scent. These last ALL night, definitely worth their price.

On to some Victoria's Secret - Secret Garden eau de toilettes. These are usually $9.50 but of course they are always 3/$24. These don't stay on too long but their scents are fun. Romantic Wish is one of my favorites, it has notes of pomegranate, freesia, and cucumber blossom and is a sweet scent but not candy-ish or fruity. Unfortunately it is now discontinued. The other two scents are alright. Pure Seduction is VERY fruity and sweet and Champagne and Strawberries doesn't really smell as the name implies.

These are a bunch of roll on's that picked up from BBW during their holiday sale. The scent does not linger but the shimmer def does! I might layer one of these with another fragrance for prom just to get the shimmer. Fresh smells like laundry, Cool is the most masculine and spicy, Citrus is more fruity than just citrus, and Floral is actually quite sweet.

Some more VS! The there smaller ones are roll ons and the larger one is a mini body double mist. I'm not sure of their prices because these sizes are no long on the website but I'm pretty sure they were all under $5. The staying power is ok, you'll probably get an hour or so. The bright green ones are Appletini, I love this, it's like a very sweet green apple. Juiced Berry (red) is not a favorite of mine and Honeydew is decent but a bit too sweet.

Taken by Anchor Blue ($6 for the roll on and $20 for the 30ml) is my absolute favorite fragrance. I love this stuff. I'm pretty sure it has Honeysuckle in it but the rest is a mystery to me except for some more sweet and floral notes. Unfortunately this is also discontinued but when they we're clearing it out, the large bottle was only $9 so I have another backup. (:

The aerie fragrance; this is my most expensive fragrance at $40 for the bottle and $15 for the travel spray. This does last quite a while but you may feel as if you smell a bit like your boyfriend (which is good sometimes haha). It has floral notes but definitely has so "manly" ones in there too.

mark's Jewel is my go to fall/winter scent. At $20 for 30ml it isn't too bad and does have great staying power. To be honest I usually get compliments when I where this. Its a sweet, spicy, and warm scent that just reminds me of the holidays. I love it (because I love the holidays) but I'll have to wait til October to break it out again.

Aeropostale's girl's fragrance? I have no clue about this one because I've had it for so long. I think it may have been my first "perfume." Lots of memories with this one and it lasts surprisingly long. It smells like a orange-y Axe but it's still nice haha.

I got this set of DKNY Be Delicious and Be Delicious Red for $10 at a CCO. They definitely do last forever but are strong so I only need like two sprays. The green one or the original is a sweet green apple but MUCH less sweet than VS' Appletini. The Red is the same scent but with lychee and honeysuckle. I can't choose a favorite between these but I can say they are much more sophisticated than most of my other scents but still fun.
These last three are just random body splashes. The VS one is just the body splash version of the Romantic Wish eau de toilette. Wild Honeysuckle I use to spray my room because it is similar to Taken but missing something. And I loveeeeee Twisted Peppermint. It's the perfect blend of candy canes and vanilla but of course I have to wait til the holidays to wear it. (I secretly sneak it in throughout the year haha)

PS Like the pics? Brought to you by my desk lamp, a piece of white construction paper, my sony point and shoot, and Picasa 3 (:
Wishlist (:
$88 for 3.4 floz, perhaps when I'm a super baller electrical engineer

1 floz for $50, hmmm maybe (:

$36 for 1oz (: do-able


  1. desk lamp pics rock :D that's how i take all of my jewelry ones, hahaha! screw light boxes..

    the anchor blue one sounds AMAZING. i think we have a similar taste in perfumes :D i want to get a hanae mori one.. it smells like.. oh.. vanilla or something?? SOO GOOD! maybe during the next sephora FF sale if i ever have money when that thing rolls around :P

  2. Nice collection!

    I have a weird question for you. I heard a Danger Radio song in one of your YouTube vids and I fell in love. Do you have any recommendations for other bands with a similar sound? Thanks!