Friday, June 25, 2010

shopping fun! (pics :D)

So with barely a few days left before I leave, I took a trip down to Great Mall in Milpitas with my brother, my friend Angela, and of course Dylan. We honestly didn't buy anything from the mall but had a great time anyways. We took those silly Asian pics, tried on DRAMATIC dresses, and just had a good time in general.
Later we had dinner at Sizzlers out in Daly City and wandered Target at like 11pm. Did you know they have a full sized Starbucks inside and groceries now? So finally at target we bought a few things (mostly for our trips) and also my f21 order came and Dylan gave it to me today so I have a bit of a haul. Today was really fun (:
On a random note, I feel so old! Guess what I got in the mail today? A letter for me to take my Senior Portraits...gasp.
haha I love these
needs bigger boobs?
just a good time
Angela and her flowers at H&M
a HUGE dress
haha interesting dresses
prom next year?
super sparkle-y hat
we wondered why they gave mannequins nipples...
we killed our Coldstones
decorating pics
haha he got covered in fur
I took all of those...
dinner at Sizzlers
I love Boots Botanics
penguin shampoo
my brother got so tall...
Starbucks in Target? :O

so I wanted to try these (+ I'm out of shampoo haha) and they were marked down to $3 each (I love you target). Oh and they smell like APPLE CIDER! haha
finally got more of my toner/cotton pads and I decided to try the clay mask; you see ALL your pores and oil...gross but kinda interesting haha
I have 2 of the giant bottles but I got the small one today to bring to Berkeley
gold sandals and a "glasses necklace"
loose coral top
a shirt/sweater? it's rather thin...good for summer
just white shorts for summer

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