Saturday, March 27, 2010

half a year!

Just a quick post. Originally this was a note on facebook but I thought I'd share it here too:

Happy 6 Months!

I'm going to start this by saying, "I love you!" I honestly cannot believe it has been half a year! Just think about it, a year ago, I thought you were a jerk in pre-cal class and you thought I was nothing but "the sophomore." Look at us now, constantly called cute and adorable by our peers. I'm not going to lie, I get a warm a fuzzy feeling when I hear such things. I'm not saying I need everyone to approve of us but it definitely feels nice. I've never had such compliments, then again, I've never had such a boyfriend before. One that loves me regardless at my best and at my worst, through my tantrums, blowups, mess ups, accomplishments, failures, giddiness, seriousness, in sickness and in health (haha Okay, maybe not that marriage vow-ish)

You are truly the world to me and I often can't believe that I deserve a guy who treats me so well. From showing up at my house with a flower and a funny picture to ask me out to surprising me in class today with a card bigger than me, I've never thought I'd get such treatment.

Joel asked me if I could see myself happily married with you in 5-6 years, sorry but no, haha more like 10 years. I appreciate that you accept my decisions, such as neglecting to even apply to Berkeley and to choose a major which will force me to spend 6 years as an undergrad. I'm glad I've found someone who has such similar overall goals and ideals in life as well as small things, like hating licorice. But at the same time we have our differences which keeps things interesting.

I love that we have our cutesy couple moments but we're still friends. We still have jokes, sometimes vulgar, and we still tease each other. I love that we don't make those around us feel 3rd wheel; we're able to integrate them (or at least I hope so). I like how people asked me about your health when you were in the ER, made me feel responsible for you. I love that I feel so safe and confident telling you anything; from secrets to just general things like if I want cupcakes. I like that I don't have to beat around the bush and hope that you understand it. We're close enough that I can ask for things without feeling demanding. I love that I can feed you all the time. (2 lunches, what else to do but go buy food for you?) You were nothing I was looking for (as pointed out by Julia Zhu) but I obviously was looking in the wrong place.

I've gone on about enough serious business and so I think I'll reiterate my favorite moments from our relationship.

-You recording a video of you singing the nerd version of birthday sex for me on my facebook wall.
-You offering me that ride home on the night of my cousin's wedding because I felt like you cared about me even though we weren't going out.
-You spending 2 hours eating one slice of pizza at Blondie's.
-You holding my hand in the car even before we went out.
-You asking me to dance at homecoming and me ignoring you by pretending I didn't hear you because I was embarrassed and scared I didn't meet your standards of dancing haha.

-It made me super happy to see how happily and easily you got along with my friends at my birthday party.
-I appreciate that you let me choose who we had dinner with before Boat, even if it was your Sr Boat and not mine.
-You changing in the middle of the first floor. (pants and all)

-We FINALLY watched Finding Nemo (but I didn't cry!)
-I love how you guessed my favorite restaurant and made reservations with such confidence even before I told you if you were right.
-There's this magical (no other word for it) feeling I got when we were wandering downtown at night after our first tree lighting together on our anniversary that I cherish.
-I like that we're a couple that will get all dressed up and go to the opera, only to agree to go home and watch a movie.

-I love how we planned to go to dinner but end up staying in anyways because we enjoy each other's company regardless.
-I'm glad you put up with all my OCD planning for winterball.
-Our winterball picture; I think it summarizes our relationship. A picture may be worth 1000 words, but I could never find the words to describe us.
-Playing 10 fingers with you and my friends at dinner was the highlight of my night.

-Our entire three day weekend together after finals. I don't think i've ever felt so happy.
-You carrying me around Japantown because my heels hurt.
-You peeing into a Pepsi can. (-__-)
-Us getting our matching awkward moments shirts!

-You getting me flowers on not Valentine's Day. (made me feel like you love me and will put in effort for me everyday, not just on a day set by society)
-You surprising me with Mister Wellington the Penguin!
-You matching me everyday for a week without trying.

-You getting me a promise ring.
-You not reading the directions to your lab (or anything else.)
-Us getting matching Micky Mouse/Minnie Mouse and Panda keychains.
-Me asking you to prom. (Technically Ms. Carney asked you...)
-You taking the time to text me constantly while in San Diego.
-Almost crying and watching your flight status all night, reconfirmed that you are no teenage fling, I love you Dylan K. Y. Tong.
-You surprising me with a giant card. The penguin looked like it was drawn by a 3 year old but I loved it.
-Ms. Carney calling you out for never doing anything for me.
-Being able to be there when you got your acceptance into Berkeley, even though I was shaking more than you.
-Astra remembering our anniversary. haha

True love is when the other person's happiness is essential to your own...
Happy Anniversary Dylan

Vy Valentina Minh Le

to many more anniversaries to come...

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