Monday, February 8, 2010

my squishy squinty adorable mister pengda

Tonight Dylan asked me if I ever thought of why guys go out with me and I reply with a simple,"" Apparently he has though so I guess I'll contribute.
1. He always makes me laugh/smile.
2. He always lets me know (whether through words or actions) that he cares about me.
3. He always lets me win, even if I'm wrong.
4. I don't know if I should even bother finishing this list because I can't seem to name it. Its just this feeling. It's love but so much more at the same time.

"Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own." - Heinlein

Things have been tough for us lately and its not even because of problems between us but because of outside sources. My parents def are not approving of us. And although his have been much more supportive than mine, I can see the doubt there. I can't blame them. How many high school relationships actually last? But I know, I really do, that this is going to last.
Next year he'll go to Berkeley. I'll take BART constantly to visit him. Then I'll go to UCSD and we'll have 4 years of commuting up and down California for visits. Then I'll choose my grad school depending on where he goes for his. (I know I shouldn't let a guy determine my academics but hey, I don't wanna be to far from him) Then he'll bring home the bacon practicing law while I become a trophy wife. JK! Not even. I'll finish grad school and probably end up doing electrical engineering research in Silicon Valley. Then every night I'll come home to a Mister Pengda making me dinner because we all know I can't cook. And we'll have two chubby and adorable kids. (a boy and a girl) Then we'll grow old together while still making stupid jokes and enjoying each other's company.

Yes that's the plan and I'm sticking to it.

So while I wait for some pictures to upload, gosh slow blogger picture upload, I'll recap our relationship.
We met in Pre-Cal H last spring. He annoyed me so badly. Haha always talking and leavings tests early >:| Plus the one time I talked to him, he totally just shrugged. Then I don't really know what I was thinking but I added him on Facebook and talked to him for like 15 seconds at arena. The flash forward a few months and I go to a talent show where I see a guy with similar hair to Dylan. I go home and post on his wall about it and this starts our summer of mindless posts.
Eventually the conversation moved to AIM when something clicked and we started talking 24/7. Then while at my cousin's wedding I started texting him instead.
Then came a PD day when he asked me to hangout which I thought was a bit odd because I hardly knew him but I went along with it anyways. We ended up spending 3 hrs eating/talking and seeing 9. Then he walked me home w/o me asking which I thought was odd but nice haha. When we got to my place I tried to leave but he was like "What? I don't even get a hug?" and that was probably the most awkward hug ever.
That weekend he went shopping with my family and me. He got along with my brother which was great because I love my brother and he's never really liked any of my boyfriends. But then he totally confused me by holding my hand and putting his arm around me. I'm totally cool with Joel putting his around me and even kissing me on my head but this was just odd for me because hey, I barely knew the guy. I didn't say anything because I remember he used to share a seat with this girl in our Pre-Cal H class so I assumed he was just very uhh touchy feely? haha
Although in combination with his seemingly genuine concern for my wellbeing and sweet texts, I was pretty confused.
Then homecoming. He had bugged me about it for like two weeks so I ended up going but with my friends even though people had already assumed I was going with him. >:| I was expecting to see him, say hi and then spend the night with my friends. Totally didn't turn out like that. He ended up asking me to dance which I ignored because I can't dance and I remembered him telling me he had a rule not to dance with Lowell girls bc we can't dance (haha still true for me) but then he asked again and I couldn't pretend I didn't hear him again. So we danced...for the entire night. I thought it was odd that he stuck with my friends and me instead of being with his but eh? At the end of the night he walked me to my car and that was it.
He disappeared for 24hrs for a Key Club event and I was so lost w/o talking to him. Plus I got sick and took meds which made me kinda of delusional and depressed. So I really missed him but I was still confused as to how he felt about me. When he got back he came over with a rose and asked me to be his girlfriend and to go to senior boat with him.

It started there and I hope it never ends...

Now for random pics of us (:
We're a silly couple.
haha I love his dog
IHOP fatty!
I killed my stuffed french toast so fast...
Haha my Italian teacher was so confused as to where I got breakfast food at 2pm.
I think he's cute.
I got a domestic one. Score.
Haha I took this when Dylan wasn't looking.
More silliness
Haha I missed?
My toy broke!
I fail at autotimer ):

So if you haven't noticed, I changed the songs over there -->
Secrets because I do tell him all my secrets. Should've said no because that's the first song we listened to together that day we went shopping and so I associate it with him. And I just like the song Medicate haha.

I love you Mister Pengda.

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