Sunday, January 31, 2010

catching up

So I've gotten lazy with this blog again but at least I didn't disappear for like 3 months again right? haha. Although I must admit that I've laid off the clothing/beauty posts for a while because honestly I've lazy about those too. Haha seems like I get really into that stuff during summer then during the school year its just like, no. haha. Anyways I guess I'll do one of those posts later or something. For now let's just recap the past week or so.

School has been about the same as usual, having 3 lunches is pretty amazing and also means lots of pictures. Although I actually don't have that many pictures this time because we've had a marathon of special schedules lately. Regardless, enjoy this spree of pictures from the past two weeks or so.
Enjoying our froyo and supporting the Junior class at the same time.
Kevin is such a kid.
I unexpectedly ran into Robert, a senior from Lincoln, apparently they were having a fundraiser there as well haha. I hadn't seen him in 4 years.
We're just silly
On the way back I ran into Andrew (Yi not Chou haha), Ames' boyfriend and Dylan's lost friend, I think his name was Ryan...maybe?
Scott scuttling around.
No I'm not on dragonboat.
My token white kid friend. Shandor. Buddies since freshman year.
Haha Jason T. gets so confused while doing AP Chem homework.
Haha Jacky & Chris - solitaire addicts. Jacky is probably one of the funniest guys I know.
Kevin wearing one of my earrings and Brian's face is just great.
Perhaps this one is better.

This is kind of a random note but apparently I'm intimidating? Haha maybe a bit. I admit that those who are on my bad side, well let's just say, their life is not very enjoyable. I may come off conceited saying this but I'd say I'm good friends with the majority (80%) of my grade and know and am known by the other 10%. So usually if someone has beef against me, the odds of them having support against me is kinda slim.

This leads me to something else. I'm not unpopular in my grade, yet why do most seniors refer to me as DTong's girlfriend but no juniors call Dylan, Vy's boyfriend? hmpf.

Hmm so what else is on my mind? (nothing Dylan or beauty related, I'm write those two post after this one)

Uhh Oh right, I've done quite a lot of reorganizing lately. Last weekend I spent 7hrs cleaning out my closet and dresser/vanity. This weekend I clean out my buddy list on aim and changed everyone's SN to their real name then made everything on my computer aqua. (Oh the magic of Windows 7).
The pile left at about 6hrs of organizing...
Of course I had to bring my laptop over for iTunes & AIM.
Ironing is scary stuff...
So organized now (:
I'm quite proud of myself
Probably my favorite part of my room. I love pictures.
I've also been quite a fatty lately. Here's some of the fun stuff I've been eating. I'll burn it off in April when I start working and lifeguarding again.
Sickness = cough drops. I can't justify the candy though...
My brother bought this. blame him!
At least they're baked?
Bisquick - semihomemade heaven
Garlic-Cheese Bisquick Biscuits YUM
Pasta from Crepevine is meh...ok

Thats it for now. Two more shorter (maybe shorter...?) posts to come.

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  1. yummmm so much good food! :D

    i have a picture wall too! it reminds me of my friends at home, and brings a smile to my face when i'm feeling down.