Friday, January 8, 2010

word vomit?

I don't really have an occasion to write this time but I guess I should keep updating before this gets out of hand again...hmm haha

Anyways, since I've last posted, I've returned to school. Bleh. Making it through this week just means I'm days away from Arena (class registration) and FINALS! Haha Actually I'm not too worried, I've been reviewing and really, what difference is say 20-30% going to make?

So that's really all I have to say about school but then again, I've got more work. My scholarship (JKC) sent another lovely college guide for me to read. Gosh I swear this thing is the size of some of my AP Review books.
Hmm so today my friend Allie came and picked me up from school at lunch for some In-N-Out and Kripsy Kream. Good stuff, seriously. We had a great time catching up about her life at GWU and mine still at Lowell, meh meh. Haha of course I couldn't get fat alone, I brought back food for my pengda as well.
Allie and I in the car.
Allie & her 1/2 dozen Krispy Kreams, the lady thought she said 5 dozen...
YUM (:

Today we had a supposedly amazingly hard test in English. 10minutes in, Ames turns in her test and leaves. Then Joel. Then Sol. Then Lui and I turn in ours at the same time. It's really funny because our English teacher loves our little clique. I wonder what she thinks about us all leaving like that. So we just went outside to camerawhore and such but then I had to go back to APUSH. -__-
the early clique?
Joel & Lui just being themselves
It's called a scarf Joel...
The Bestie & I

I love Fridays, the feeling of being done, getting out of apush early, and spending 30mins with my pengda before heading home to facebook, blog, and text him as he stays to breakdance. I think I should explain "pengda." Basically its a cross between a panda and a penguin. CUTE (:
Andrew is Ames' boyfriend/Dylan's friend but from this picture, I think Ames&I should be worried...
I don't know, I kind of just like this lighting/angle/picture.
I love to poke his chubby cheeks (:
The silly has gotten to me

So I almost forgot to mention but over the break I made Dylan watch my favorite Korean movie with me, My Sassy Girl. It's uber popular but basically its a romantic comedy and on the 100 days that they are together, the girl demands that her boyfriend brings her a red rose in class. I was totally not expecting it but Dylan did just that for me. He's a keeper.
I love him, def a keeper
haha his handwriting is...interesting

On a totally unrelated note. My hair has grown out quite a bit and lightened as well since August, when I last cut/dyed it black. I plan to not cut/dye it again until June (cept my bangs), the only problem is the color is fading unevenly and my roots are slightly lighter. Hmm...
August 2009
January 2010

And I leave you with something just that much more random. OMG did anyone see the warriors denver game? UGH. Worst and most upsetting calls by the refs ever! That should not been a jumpball! That should have been a back court violation! And that was NOT a foul! The warriors should have won. Anyways, in case you can't tell, I'm a devoted warriors fan, I don't care that they're like 10-23 right now. -__- Anyways, they're playing the Kings in about an hour. Hope this goes well and that you enjoyed my random word vomit post...

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