Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Joel. Shopping. Dylan. Does life get better?

So anyone that even barely knows me, knows that I live life through pictures. Some call me a camerawhore but I love going through my pictures and finding a picture from 2006 and being completely transported back to that moment. Sounds cheesy but I really get it all back, the smell, the temperature, and that feeling I had at that moment. And so I when I realized I forgot to upload a picture from Friday, I just had to update.
We're quite the silly bunch, we drive into parking complexes, we talk about nonsense, we are just plain ridiculous. Yet I wouldn't trade them for the world.

Take my bestie, Joel, you guys have met him in several of my posts. He's got this girl, she's got him whipped and wrapped around her tiny pinky. He calls me 20 times a day to call her house (her mom hates guys). I'm sleeping? I pick up. I'm out with my boyfriend? I pick up. I'm taking my APUSH final? I text back. Besides my boyfriend, Joel is my world. He really is. He's helped me through so much. We're the kind of friends that have conversations like this
Vy: "She's so like ugh. Yaknow?"
Joel: "Yeah like seriously like yeah.."
Vy: "Yeah I know..."
And that will have been a perfectly understandable and satisfying conversation. I mean his birthday is the day after mine! We're totally meant to be...friends that is. Haha I don't even know how to describe Joel. I remember when I first started talking to Dylan, he was the first to notice something was up and told me that I could believe whatever I wanted (that Dylan was just a phase) but one of us would end up liking the other, look where I am now? He also offered (and was dead serious) to beat up Dylan if he ever hurt me. Joel's like the older brother I always wanted. I love him.

Before I get to talking about Dylan, I must tell you guys I made another jewelry order...yeah its an addiction. Haha So this time I ordered from Sanctuary. She makes very affordable jewelry and changes all her earrings to clip-ons without an extra charge which is great for wimps like me. (Even my boyfriend has a piercing and I don't -__- haha) I hope she doesn't mind but I'm using the pictures from her blog to show you which ones I got because I got a few...I don't claim ownership or anything, these are Juli's (:

And now to talk about my boyfriend again, I feel like he gets mentioned once every post. I really don't know what to say because honestly words can't describe what I feel for him. Some may say this is just teenage love, it won't last. But they are wrong, I really know this is something so much more. I may be insulting so many out there but I can see this relationship becoming so much more because I feel as if so many people spend their lives married to someone who is nothing compared to who Dylan is for me. He never gets mad at me, let's me have my way, even when I'm wrong. I could say that every moment I spend with him could be my last because he's worth it but no, I'm selfish. I don't understand why in movies people say, "you make me so happy, I could just die now and be happy" because Dylan is an addiction to me, I never want to die because I want to enjoy endless moments with him. From my air getting caught under his arm, to us getting lost downtown, to use both hating licorice, to use craving McFlurries, to me drawing smilies on his tummy, Dylan is something so much more than a boyfriend to me. We even relived our first "date" yesterday and its those cute, silly, and romantic, moments that make me feel like really the luckiest girl. My friend once asked me if I honestly thought doing the whole long distance deal was going to be worth it next year when hes off in college and if I thought I was going to marry him. I can answer yes to both. He is more than worth it, he is worth more than my collection of designer heels, he makes me happy. Simple as that. He makes me feel like I'm the luckiest girl in the world, as if he cares and loves me. He jumped out of a two story window (twice) for me, he took painkillers with terrible side effects to come see me, he is just amazing. (can you tell I love anaphora yet?)

Waking up and rolling over to see him sleeping is one of the best feelings I've ever felt. That Shontelle song has it right because nights when I sleep alone, I curl up in his shirt and fall asleep with a smile on my face. Dylan is the love of my life. Really.
If we were in the same grade: Cutest Couple? Eh?
Fatty (:
Sleepy Mcsleepsleep

On a random note, Joel, Andrew C., Dylan, and I watched Feast 3 tonight. Funny and good but definitely not for the squeamish. Also tomorrow is the first day of spring semester...great.

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