Saturday, January 16, 2010

a weekend with my boyfriend

I've posted so many times about my boyfriend I'm sure you guys are sick of him. Sometimes even I think its sickening how attached I am. I wonder if he gets sick of me? Haha I hope not.

Anyways, with finals over and such we barely had to go to our classes on Friday which meant...camerawhoring! (:
haha he's silly
...but he makes me feel like a princess
I think he's cute

So besides camerawhoring with my boyfriend, I hungout with my friends and camerawhored with them too. And I even got a picture with my favorite Calculus teacher! (:
bopper pose with the bestie
Joel and Vy gossip hour...
My Calculus Group
Mr. Sullivan! haha

So then Joel and Lui left school to go debate tourny and I went home to get ready for dinner with Mr. Pengdie. He was kind of late but it's ok (: We ended up walking up a giant hill to Japantown and I was in heels...never doing that again. My feet are still sore ): But he carried me when I wanted so its ok. I don't even remember the name of the restaurant we went to haha but it was a good night. I made like the smallest dent in my Curry Katsu while Dylan killed his noodles in like 10 seconds. Then of course, I can never go to Japantown without a trip to Sophie's crepes. Strawberry & Nutella. YUM. At dinner Dylan mentioned he had never had Vitasoy/Soymilk! OMG so I walked around Japantown barefoot to try and get him to try some, but the markets were closed. And so Dylan's Vitasoy/Soymilk virginity is intact. He brought me home and we spent the night talking to my bestie and watching movies and not sleeping haha.
Waiting for Dylan to pick me up.
At a random stoplight
He has the same look when he takes a test as when he reads a menu...haha
I think were fun
*nom nom nom*
my tiny dent

waiting for our crepes
haha he put my heels on, or rather tried, my sassy girl much?
yeah...enough said
Dylan and his fatty crepe, he had to get vanilla icecream too.

So then this morning we woke up rather late, showered, and decided to take the N to Panera, my favorite. However the N randomly stopped at the Embarcadero stop so we ended up semi-lost and wandering for 30mins. We were starving so the sight of Panera was like heaven. I had my favorite, the chicken ceasar sandwich. I forget what Dylan had, something with bacon haha. We killed our food in like 10mins then he brought me home. We got on the T and then he scared me by telling me we got on the wrong one but it was the right one. -___-
Panera's Chicken Ceasar Sandwich
Mister Pengdie's heartattack
10minutes later
Dylan and I at Panera. I couldn't be happier.
On the T

So when I got home, I changed my sheets and decided to nap but then my brother texted me for the score to the Cardinals/Saints game because he and my parents are in LA. Then a bit later my bestie called me for a favor. Gosh I'm tired. Now I'm just eating Chinese takeout and Skyping with Dylan. I'm pretty content.
I stole Pengdie's shirt...
...and his pants (:

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