Monday, January 11, 2010

arena arena, my fickle friend

So today was Arena for Lowell, or rather, class registration. I guess I should explain it first because I'm pretty sure Lowell is one of the few schools that do this. Basically last week we got the announcer which has every class taught, their mods (we run on an odd 20 mod schedule) and which teacher is teaching. Then us kids put together our own schedules and race to kill each other for classes in Arena except we go in my last name rotation, it changes every semester. My group is kind of the infamous one, L-Lee, huge and full of all the Lee's.

Anyways we were 2nd to last pick which is really quite terrible. I watched as my Calculus class closed right in front of me. I really needed Sullivan 14/15. He's such a chill teacher. I wanted Galang 16/17 but my bestie had to take Galang 1/2 because his AP Psychology class had to be 16/7 because it's 1/2 counterpart closed. Besides that I got everything I wanted.

1/2/(3) AP English 77 - Galang
(3)/4/5 Italian 6 - Branzburg
6/7/(8) OFF
(8)/9/10 AP Physics C - Shapiro
11/12/(13) AP Calculus AB - Gribler
(13)/14/15/16/17/(18) OFF
(18)/19/20 APUSH - Michels

At first I was quite upset that I had to get Gribler 11/12 because I ALWAYS had 11/12 lunch, I heard Gribler is terrible, and I love Sullivan. Also my friends Saif and Julia are taking Sullivan ): Another thing that kind of sucks is that I'm a junior, at least when you take a random Calculus class as a senior, you probably know someone or can get to know people easier. Being a junior is quite the opposite, sure I know a good amount of seniors but as I looked at the names on the list for Gribler 11/12, I knew no one. I remember my experience of being the only sophomore in a junior Pre-Cal H class last year, not enjoyable. Probably because by junior (and especially senior) year, the cliques have been established, the friendships forged, the insiders made and so its quite difficult to fit in or relate. I was not planning to write about this at all when I started this post but yeah. So that was my worry which I told Mr. Sullivan in arena, and being the sweet old man he is, he said "Don't worry Vy, you'll make friends and if it'll make you feel better, I'll make you a sticker that says Honorary Senior." I love him. haha

After that my mood changed quite a bit, I realized I'm a junior with 3 lunches. I wake up to my bestie and my favorite teacher every morning. I have Italian with my friends Brian, Sol, Sam, and Kensie. I get a lunch off with my boyfriend. I get a semester of E&M (my favorite and most likely major) with geniuses and seniors I already know, plus my boyfriend. I get Calculus with a teacher who has a British accent. I get a double lunch with my friends Lui and Ames. I end the day with a chill APUSH teacher and my friend Calvin. Well I've got to get back to studying for finals ):

As bad as arena was, it was fun because I was in the same group as my bestie. Joel and I are the kinds of kids that piss people off. He was supposed to be on the right of the auditorium, he went over to my side then we moved to the back row together. They told us to go to our left, we go to the right. Haha yeah, anytime with Joel is a good time.

PS Remember those fun tees that I mentioned I ordered for my boyfriend and I a few posts back? Kym (the maker of these lovely tees) is having a giveaway! Gosh I am late on this but click here to become a fan of them on facebook, fill out a quick survey and have a chance to win one! Dateline is tonight, I'm lateish, sorry guys ):


  1. What the heck is a 20 mod schedule? PLEASE EXPLAINNN. I'm so confused!

  2. Haha I think this explains it better than I can