Monday, January 25, 2010

my boyfriend is a camerawhore = Kym's t-shirts part 2 and random updates?

Haha so I've heard some of my friends struggle to get their boyfriends for pictures but Dylan is quite the opposite, he's actually quite the camerawhore haha. So here's us posing in Kym's shirts. Plus we decided to go all out and match head to toe. All day we got "You two are matching!" as if we didn't know haha.
Camerawhore :P
Posing with my APUSH skit props haha.
Now that's awkward. -__-

In other news, it has rained and stormed for two weeks now and I have no complaints because I love the rain but I think this weather is causing something to go around because everyone else and myself are sick. Today, after giving my friend Scotty a ride home, I crawled into my bed and died for about 3 hours.
Besides that kind of sad news, I'm pretty excited for the next few weeks. This week is a 4 day week and on Friday we have Battle of the Birds which is a basketball game against our rivals (we're the cardinals and they're the eagles, hence birds haha). Next week we have 2 days when we start at noon because sophomores have exit exams in the morning. Then the next week we have 1/2 days when we get out at noon one day and start at noon the next day. Not to mention that weekend is Valentine's day and the All-Star game. Haha I'm not letting Dylan take me out until the game ends!
And lastly, I was bored last night and started making "friendship bracelets" in the library during my 3rd lunch (I love being an upperclassman haha). I was working on quite a girly looking bracelet, purple, lavender, pink, and light blue with white beads but then my friend Kevin wanted it so haha I gave it to him. Now I have requests to make 5 more! Guess I'm off to make them. (:
Checking emails and bracelet making = my morning at school
Lui's mom makes the best sandwiches
Kevin and I and our friendship bracelets.
My friend keeps a stash of Ghirardelli's in her locker.

Oh I always feel like I should spread the word on these. Stacieeelovesit is having a giveaway as well. Enter here (:

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  1. awwww herrohachi twins! haha love it! thnx fo posting! i'll get to posting them on my fb fanpage soon! love the friendship bracelets too!