Monday, July 12, 2010

glum days, a haul, and future plans (:

YAY! I've made it a week without Dylan ): We've had cutty communication due this his tour of China; we were able to email every few days which resulted in me writing essay (literally) length emails. Actually today he had internet for a few hrs which resulted in me skipping out on a trip to Gilroy's Outlets to stay at home and talk to home. Maybe I sound silly and clingy but if you've read my blog for a while, you know that Dylan and I talk 20/7? haha

So what have I been up to since I last blogged? Nothing. Haha jk, but almost. During the week I went to class, did laundry and uhhh that's about it haha. On Saturday I spent the evening with my friend Saif, we once again went to Chipotle and then we walked up to my dorm to watch Big Bang Theory and I got to try Saif's fancy pants headphones. Today I pretty much did nothing except talk to Dylan and make a Blondies (pizza) run at 9pm haha.
I got bored and made a new desktop bg for my laptop
stain remover/dry sheets
laundry before I folded it
Chipotle with Saif
chillin in the dorm
those be amazing headphones
all I've gotten while I've been here (a video soon?)
forgot this in the other pic
glum weather these days
Blondies (:

the next week looks brighter though (: here's a preview to expect pics from :D
7/12 Monday - slept for 4hrs in the afternoon
7/13 Tuesday - dinner with the boys (Kevin, Marvin, Scotty, Joel etc)
7/14 Wednesday - suite bonding night - we're cooking haha...I'm making Garlic Fries
7/15 Thursday - full day of classes and laundry...
7/16 Friday - a day with my swimming girls! Tammy and Nancy
7/17 Saturday - a day with Jason :D we're gonna wing it but at 7:47 we'll take BART home, he'll get off at Daly City and I'll go to SFO to pick someone up :D
7/18 Sunday - Despicable Me and a whole day with Dylan

I'm excited (:

PS I got my AP scores (: AP Lang&Comp, APUSH, APCalc AB, E&M - 5s, and Mechanics - 4


  1. woot for your AP scores! i don't think i've ever gotten better than a 4 but then again i never really tried all that hard, haha. either i understood it or i didn't. good thing i didn't study my brains out b/c it turns out most of my scores weren't accepted by my college anyway -- it being a private "for profit" school. damn them.

    what brand headphones are those?

    and yay for making it a week :) how much longer is he there for?

  2. can you do a video on all the new stuff you got while you were there? it looks really interesting!!