Sunday, September 6, 2009

labor day weekend, a wedding, a whole bunch of pictures!

Haha oh gosh I feel so terrible for not posting anything this entire weekend but I seemed to be even more busy during the weekend than during the weekday. I actually had no time whatsoever to do homework until yesterday at 1pm when I sat myself down and did homework until 6am today when I got out of my chair to shower and go to school. And at school today I continued to finish homework and take a AP Calculus test fun ):

But let's back up, I'll tell you about my hectic weekend first then we'll get to the fun part, pictures. (:

So on Friday at lunch, I sent out my money orders to two blog shops so I'll share with you guys what I bought once my orders come in. Friday was just like any other school day, long an monotonous but after school was much better. First I went to spirit which is on-going for about another two weeks. We got some work done but we were distracted by just hangingout and drinking Quickly's milk tea tapioca we bought to support the Junior Escape Committee (a juniors' dance later in the year). So then we got kicked out of school because they had to set up for the Welcome Back dance, this isn't Homecoming which is in two weeks. Most people didn't go because monstly only overexcited Freshmen go. So instead a few friends and I headed over to the mall next to our school and ate and relaxed. This was a great way to end the week and later that night i picked up some nail polishes to do my mom's nails for my cousin's wedding the next day.

Saturday was kind of wasted because all I did was sleep until about 4pm when I realized I had to go to my cousin Danny's wedding reception at 6pm. So I rushed to shower and get ready. The food was alright but the most fun was just hanging out with my other cousins Trudy and Jon. The reception ended around 11 but of course the party doesn't end there. I went to an afterparty and ended getting home around 3ish? Honestly I can't remember.

I spent most of Sunday sleeping. As I already said I spent the past 48 hours or so on schoolwork. On the brightside, because all my work was due today I can relax a bit tonight.
Sol is "studying" for her US History Italian class haha

Ellen's mom makes the best potstickers EVER (:

We went to Lucky's (a supermarket) at lunch and some other people opened a bag of Dum Dums, so I took a few shhh! haha My friends tell me I don't need sleep, I run on Dum Dums, advil, and solderfumes

On the way back to school there were no cars around so Nancy, Tammy, Antonio, Ellen and I just walked in the middle of street. Not safe kids!

Sol and Amy in AP English, don't we look happy to be analyzing poems?

We got milk tea! And we finished sketching the Beauty and the Beast wall so I decided to lay on it (:

Before we walked to the mall, Patrick's and Stanley's faces are enough of a caption haha

We went to Haagen-Dazs as the mall and Kristina and I split a Banana Split haha.

And of course how could we resist taking those silly generic Apple store pictures?

Saturday - Wedding
Before the wedding, can you see my brother behind me?
With my younger cousin Linh, I'm about 5 years older.

Outside the wedding with my cousins and my brother.

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