Thursday, August 26, 2010

a quick LA post

I want to start posting about Senior year but...I'm still behind so haha a quick post this shall be. (:

The Friday night before school started, my parents decided we needed to visit family in LA we went. I got to practice driving an unfamiliar car on the freeway at 2am. I was pulled over by California Highway Patrol twice...scarrrrry stuff. Besides that, I had fun chilling in my PJs with my brother. We stopped twice, once at Taco Bell and another time at McDs. I remember the trips used to seem so long but now it was pretty ok.
good stuff
hazelnut iced coffee...tastes diff every time

Saturday was spent taking care of my baby cousins while my parents and the adults mingled and caught up and such. Guess where my brother was....yeah he was sleeping :P My reward was that my aunt LOVES shopping but she's moving so she basically took me into a room that was a mini Walmart and told me to take whatever I wanted. I left with about 2 bags of stuff :D
I kill bathrooms
DIY tinted moisturizer? a total yes (:
he's so cute, but evil
part of her stash
poor Ivy and I are the only girls haha
cousins...on my dad's side
I like my sheets
more haulage

Sunday was a nice drive home with stops at Starbucks and TacoBell.
shades and Bwue

It was a nice weekend but it was all so rushed. I think the main theme of the weekend was babysitting and getting asked college questions haha. Yay, now on to Sr Year Posts (:

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  1. NICe! i love free stuff, hahaha. and super cute background btw :D