Wednesday, September 8, 2010

101 Reasons Why I Love Dylan Tong

finding someone like Dylan is rare...
...and so I want to tell him...
Dylan, I love you because...

1. You complete me.

2. You're someone I want to talk to constantly (literally) because I feel safe with you. You never judge and you always know exactly how to reply. But that's not true, it's not that you know what to say, it's what you say, is right. Does that even make sense? Basically, talking to you is something I'll never get bored of...even when we're old a senile...(I'll be wrinkly and ugly!)

3. You're always trying to make me happy, even if that means giving up things that make you happy,

4. You put up with me. Pure and simple, that's the hardest thing to do.

5. You're so cute when you say things like "sowee," "weally," and when you stutter and just over all you're so cute when you want to be.

6. You call me moofin/moof moof.

7. You straight up spoil me with random gifts.

8. You let me sleep on the inside of the bed even though that's "your side."

9. You guessed my favorite restaurant a month into our relationship and booked a table there with confidence without even asking me if it was the right restaurant.

10. You let me groom your eyebrows and cut your nails. Then you complain like a child that I cut too deep.

11. You make me happy to be with you no matter what we're doing. Whether it's something formal and huge like going to prom or sitting on the couch watching Mean Girls on a rainy day, just being with you makes me happy.

12. You like to eat as much as I do.

13. You have domesticated me. Look at me! I'm making sandwiches and baked goods for you now :P

14. You reassure me of our future by planning big things like what neighborhood we want to buy our first house in and small things like buying those heart spoons I want for our kitchen.

15. You love kids just as much as I do. Pedo couple (:

16. You still put in enormous efforts (more than guys who are asking girls who aren't their gfs) to ask me to school dances even though we both know I'm going with you. It makes feel special, then again, everything you do makes me feel special.

17. You have such soft/smooth/squishy and pokeable cheeks.

18. You're very ticklish. Teehee.

19. You go all the way to China...and you bring me back a t-shirt.

20. You're the first guy that really pursued me.

21. You make me feel loved and cared for 24/7.

22. You always want to have matchy things with me, like t-shirts, toms, heartbeats, and rings.

23. You have very comfy clothes/PJs that you've "donated to me"/I stole.

24. You do ridiculous things to make me happy.

25. You're smart. Don't deny it. People say true love solves everything and money isn't everything, but money is something and I'm happy to know I'll have a husband you can support me (and my shopping addiction).

25. You have a sense of fashion and beauty. In no sense do we have the same sense of style but you understand mine and pick out things that suit me. You know more about hair and makeup than most guys and support whatever I do but at the same time...

26. You tell me I'm pretty when I'm in PJs (usually yours haha), with bed head, and no make up on and I know you mean it.

27. You trust me and I trust you.

28. You have a major bromance with my brother.

29. You're someone I can be proud of. I don't like bragging but it's definitely nice to wear my Cal sweatshirt and lanyard around and to know my boyfriend turned an Ivy down and not the other way around. Speaking of colleges...

30. You'd love almost nothing more than for me to go to Cal and for us to spend the next few years pigging out in your apt. But that's not why I love you, I love you because that "almost nothing" is you loving nothing more than for me to go to a school that would make me happy even if it isn't Cal.

31. You listened to me and stayed pale.

32. You don't mind my constant camerawhoring. Whether it's autotimer pics or selfies, you always put on a smile...or a silly face.

33. You stick with me at my worse and so you definitely deserve me (or more) at my best.

34. You dedicated every second of your life possible to me.

35. You jumped out of a two story window (3 times) for me.

36. You've let me see you cry and I never want to see that again until the birth of our first child.

37. You promised to get baptized just because I want a big fancy church wedding.

38. You let me choose who we had dinner with for last year's Senior Boat even though it was your Senior Boat just because you knew it made me feel more comfortable.

39. You bought me a Tiffany & Co. ring just because I said I wanted one. (:

40. You've never let anyone else's opinion of us get in the way of our relationship.

41. You carry me all the time just because.

42. You try to French braid my hair and even though you fail utterly, you're so cute for trying and not just letting me do it for you that I don't mind having a bad braid.

43. You give me back rubs on demand. :D

44. You're the reason I get only 3hours of sleep a night but I would never rather sleep than be with/talk to you because you're worth it.

45. You spent hours helping me with Calc even when I had given up on myself.

46. You never complain about shopping with me, instead I think you enjoy it just as much if not more than me.

47. You don't mind waiting an hour when I try on only 3 dresses.

48. You and I experienced our first tree lightings together.

49. You never get mad at me even when I'm trashing something you love, being totally unreasonable, or having an extreme case of PMS mood swings.

50. You promised you'd never leave me.

51. We have so much in common yet just enough differences to keep things interesting.

52. You watch Asian dramas with me and go along with me squealing over how hot the bad boys are.

53. You are not only the best boyfriend I could I as for but you're also a best friend. I love the balance we have of our cute couple moments and moments when we still have fun just as friends would.

54. You understand me more than anyone else.

55. You fall asleep with your Greek book on your face and yet you get to call me a nerd.

56. You always take me home and even the taxi driver said I'm lucky to have a boyfriend like you.

57. You carried me all around Japantown and Downtown all night when my heels were hurting me.

58. You'll stop outside a bar window with me to catch bits of a Warriors game.

59. You always let me choose where we're going/where we're eating/what we're doing/when we're going unless I choose to let you choose.

60. You kiss my boo boos.

61. You wrote me novel length emails from China when we had no other way of communicating.

62. You wear a black peacoat. Hahahaha...

63. You let me paint your nails bright red even before we were going out.

64. You are the most stubborn boy I have ever met and because of that, we are where we are today.

65. You never complain about me and always defend me.

66. You believe in me when I've lost faith in myself.

67. You share my love of red Starbucks cups, tree lightings, SHOPPING, and all things related to the holiday season/spirit.

68. You fight with me every night over who loves who more when I say "Night, I love you (:"

69. You do everything you can to make my life as easy as possible.

70. You have more piercings than me...and you're a boy!

71. You had to be a man and not ask for directions which made us walk in a GIANT loop around the embarcadero...

72. You peed in a Pepsi can. -__-"

73. You got sunburned to spend a few hours with me.

74. You're always thinking of me. And I'm always thinking of you.

75. You drew me a BIG card and even though it looks like a 4 year old drew it, I love it and it means more to me than if you bought me a $50 card. (do they even make those? o.O)

76. You don't make fun of how bad I am at reading out loud when I read you Harry Potter at 3am on Christmas.

77. You read Cosmo with me.

78. You sing to me even if you're not very good, it's still very cute.

79. You always offer me your jackets even if you're just as cold as I am.

80. You'll watch chick flicks with me like Letters to Juliet without complaint and even enjoy them.

81. You bring me my favorite flowers on random days just because.

82. You brought me a rose on our 100 days together because I said I liked the idea from My Sassy Girl...which I made you watch with me haha.

83. You have an ample amount hair products at your house so I never have to worry about bringing my own.

84. You always smell nice (:

85. You used to argue with me over who gets to pay for what but now we know one day our money will be combined anyways. It makes me feel that much closer to you.

86. You have somehow charmed my friends so much that they consider us practically engaged and think you should propose to me at graduation this year... o.O

87. You hate licorice, just like me (:

88. You're always honest with me.

89. You agreed to be FF characters for boat which is to be honest always been a top choice for my nerdy side (:

90. You made me look forward to every day of my Junior year just because it meant seeing you.

91. Your mom makes some damn good kimchi potstickers.
92. You avoid eating shrimp around me even though you really like it just because you know I'm very allergic.

93. You celebrate/remember all my ridiculous anniversaries like 1 year from when we started talking on aim, 1 year from when we started texting, and all those other silly things I come up with.

94. You always try to surprise me even if it fails in little ways each time, you always keep trying.

95. You don't make fun of me (most of the time) because I can't dance.

96. You collect coins just like me.

97. You get your hair cut across the street from where I get my hair ties.

98. You and I are always creative and have never used the "typical" poses for dance pictures.

99. You and I make for some pretty darn adorable couple pictures.

100. You mean it when you tell me you love, in fact it's something more than love.

101. You won't get mad at me for lying to you and tell you we should each write 100 reasons and then cheating by doing 101 (because I want to win) because you love me.

"love is that condition in which the happiness of another is essential to your own..."

There are a trillion and one other reasons why I love you but actions speaker louder than words so I can't wait until the next time I get to see you...