Friday, September 17, 2010

senior year - week four

Haha so I always end up posting these late. ): Honestly I can't believe the first trimester is ending in a week! Senior year is flyyyyyyyyying by!

Monday - Labor Day: No School

So we kind of did nothing today. Jason came to visit as usual but that was about it. The weather was quite glum so we just sat around school.
my future husband...more about him later haha
Marvin's penguin hat
chilling and eating Korean BBQ
Chris' huge sweatshirt...

I woke and thought "it's a sweatshirt kind of day" and as it turns out...a lot of people we're in sweatshirts that day. Kind of one of those meh days with nothing to remember.
Angela made us Kimbop (:

Ahhh! The weather got sunny get still cold/windy but I did feel more motivated to dress nicer. With the sunny weather, came motivation to finally go off campus for lunch and so we went to Teaway (a self serve type of tapioca place). And of course, since it was Thursday, Jason met up with us there haha.
suck it
being silly...
the pose haha
senior rides!

Nothing really happened at school. Really...
eos! (:

Outfits of the Week

And on to WEEK FIVE (:

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