Wednesday, September 8, 2010

senior year - week three

These posts are always late ):

This was really a bleh kind of day...nothing really happened haha.
in the forensics/debate closet Chris and I cleaned out...looked like someone was killed

Yet another visit from Jason which = another trip to In-N-Out. Kevin and I had the BIGGEST Animal Fries craving and this definitely hit the spot.
water balloon...and a good hair day
animal fries <3
eating fries in her sweats...classy haha

Yup, Wednesday was our good friend Marvin's 17th birthday and of course we celebrated wth a Princess Marvin cookie cake from Mrs. Fields. We also got him a razer (insider) and a how to massage book because he already gives amazing massages, but he wanted to learn more. Also, it was a randomly hot day..hmm SF weather -__-" We also had to make puppets for AP Econ...I of course made Dylan, his hair only took 3 hours haha.
his gifts
love for the birthday boy
puppet Dylan
no pants?
weird pose...
to cute outfit? shirt stole from Kevin

Yet another bleh day but it was still hot and Scott and I accidentally matched...sort of. Oh and Jason visited, because it's a Thursday haha.
funny accidental pic

Ahh, every 2 Fridays I start school at 10:15am and boy does it feel good (: Jason randomly visited again and we made a trip to Chipotle to satisfy Angela's burrito craving. In biotech we made cheese...yup.
safe driving
my usual chicken bowl (:
junior year
senior year...

Saturday Bonus
I got bored and decieded to see if I could dress more...umm Asian? This is the result.

Also, Dylan and I have decided on Senior Boat costumes...Squall and Rinoa from Final Fantasy VIII (: <3

Outfits of the Week

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  1. oo i like the oversized shirt outfit :) nice and balanced w/ the shorts.