Sunday, September 26, 2010

Happy One Year Anniversary Dylan!

I can't believe it's been a year. People used to think we we're silly but now we're not only considered cute, people have a lot of faith in us. My friend Ellen even says we're the next Julia/Ryan. Julia and Ryan are a couple that graduated last year I'm pretty good friends with Julia (she has a love for makeup also and I rarely have friends to talk to about such things considering they're all guys) and Ryan is her boyfriend who I'm not as close with but he's nice. Anyways, they're probably one of the couples I admire most considering they've been together nearly 4 years (all through high school) and are now at Davis together. So for someone else to consider Dylan and I equal to Julia/Ryan, I'm pretty happy.

Besides other people's approval, I feel like we've grown so much. I honestly never even knew you could be so close to someone. There's so many things I want to say but it's just impossible. When you find the one, you'll know (:

I love you, Dylan. Happy One Year Anniversary and for many more to come!

So what did we do to celebrate? Dinner at Scala's of course (my favorite restaurant in the world). But first we went to see Easy A and it was hilarious! Like I honestly think it was better than the trailer, which is very rare. I won't spoil it but I definitely recommend it. Dinner was delicious as usual and just overall a wonderful night. (:
haha even on a date...bathroom pics (:

such a cutie, brought me flowers

forever (:

Dylan's Mint Tagliatelle

my Orecchiette and Italian Sausag


hello delicious

ahhhh dessert (:

look Macy's Christmas stuff is up! (:

we love pictures at Union Square

Here is a collage of us. One picture for every month (except May has two because it as an odd number and yeah haha)
I'm in a great mood and looking forward to winterbreak in Vegas with Dylan this year after college apps. Also if we're facebook friends, you can see a cute video Dylan made for me on there.


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  2. omagaaaah you guys are soooo cute! ^__^ <3 congrats on the one year! how exciting!

  3. hey vy! i havn't been here in sooooo long! anyway, happy anniversary to you guys and many more to come! :D i love how Macy's has already got the Christmas spirit!!!