Friday, September 3, 2010

senior year - week two

Ok so I'm behind but I'm gonna post week 2 and hopefully week 3 in the next few days (:

A heat wave pretty much hit this week and so the cute summery outfits came back out to play haha. It was also picture day but I didn't really care because the picture is only on my ID since my Sr Portrait is used for the yearbook this year.
d'aww Angela
magic club? I'm VP
Lui and I are making a habit out of these trips...
sophomore, junior, senior

The heat wave defintely kicked up to nasty and unbearable on Tuesday. The day was pretty much normal but at lunch we drove to Lakeshore and bought Popsicles. (Raspberry and Orange Creamsicles actually) And then we laughed at kids walking to Lakeshore as we drove back. Jason also came again with Teaway (: After school I had my piano lesson but half way through my teacher needed to run errands so she gave me a Popsicle and left for 20mins. Overall an interesting day.
look at em suckers
mmm creamsicles
Jason & Teaway (:
what to do?

Kind of a slow day but it was Senior Chevy's day and so we drove off at lunch for some steak fajitas (:
blurry but I like it
nom nom nom
Scott and Angela enjoying my chips and salsa

It cooled down considerably on Thursday but we still went off campus for lunch at Stonestown, the mall next to our school. Jason also showed up (as he does every Tuesday and Thursday) and then yeah that's pretty much it. haha
the guys were trying to pluck Nelson's hair and I was....just there
we were playing some Dora the Explorer coloring game at the Apple store and Kevin deleted Angela's picture
mmmm Chicken Now, Kevin & I's secret pleasure
guiding Scott to park

Ahh! Friday (: Dylan came back because it was our 11 month anniversary (: almost the big 1 year :D haha I'm going a bit smiley crazy but I was really happy. He brought Poof Poof, we exchanged friendship bracelets, he gave me a cal lanyard and all was well (: Afterschool I went on a bit of a shopping spree with my brother. We went to Jo-ann's, Best Buy, Target, Sports Authoirty, Office Depot, and Boston Market. I gotta say, it's nice driving around late night with your brother sometimes (:
bracelets (:
lanyard (:

everyone loves Poof Poof
really loves him...
as do I
love this picture (:
embroidery floss (I bought 23 colors) for friendship bracelets
he loves Best Buy
get back, climb into the back seat, and tear the box open (:
why is this at sports authority?
in my natural habitat? haha
mehhh, didn't get them
so comfy, I bought two pairs (one to keep in Dylan's dorm)
late night shopping
autotimer at Boston Market
mmm (:
my brother and his food

Outfits of the Week


  1. Poof Poof is AH-DORABLE. Congrats on almost 1 year! :)

  2. aww your pictures just keep getting cuter and cuter :D i wish my school IDs looked half as good, hahaha.